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Nissan GT-R – the latest 2013 Godzilla revealed

Rated 3.5 out of 53.5

Tim Pollard, 02 November 2012 00:01

Nissan has announced a range of minor upgrades to its 2013 GT-R. Although Godzilla still develops an identical 543bhp to the 2012 model year GT-R, next year's model is said to have sharper responses and improved ride and handling. How so? Because Nissan's engineers have modified the electronics governing the twin-turbo 3.8-litre V6 sledgehammer for crisper throttle response. Unlike the ...

Nissan Extrem SUV concept (2012) first official pictures

Rated 3.5 out of 53.5

Ollie Kew, 23 October 2012 09:01

Nissan is looking to bring a splash of colour and outlandish design to Brazil's streets with their latest creation: the Extrem SUV concept. It's an eye-grabbing response to the 'more affordable locally produced vehicles, which tend to be conservative in design, colour and specification', according to company Senior Vice President Shiro Nakamura. What niche does the Nissan Extrem fall into? If the ...

Nissan Terra SUV concept (2012) first official pictures

Rated 2.5 out of 52.5

Ollie Kew, 12 September 2012 07:00

This is the Nissan TeRRA (which we'll be referring to as the Terra from now on.) It's a hydrogen fuel cell-powered concept car that'll debut on Nissan's stand at the 2012 Paris motor show from 27 September. Strictly a design study with no plans for production, it does nevertheless confirm that Nissan is thinking seriously about fuel cell-equipped cars, and ...

Nissan NV200 (2012): London's next taxi cab?

Rated 3 out of 53

Ollie Kew, 07 August 2012 09:42

The London black cab is being thoroughly rebooted, and it's Nissan who's challenging the dominance of the traditional black taxi. It's brought a new NV200 London Taxi to the capital during the 2012 Olympics in its bid to replace one of the world's most iconic vehicles. Nissan claims the NV200 cab will be cheaper, greener, and more user-friendly than the current fleet ...

Nissan Note (2013) first pictures

Rated 3 out of 53

Ollie Kew, 17 July 2012 12:37

This is the new Nissan Note, due to arrive in the UK in 2013. Nissan chiefs are quick to point out that the car shown here is the Japanese market version, and that the car offered to European buyers next year will have design tweaks inside and out, and a different dynamic set-up. What do we know about the 2013 ...

Nissan Juke Nismo (2012) first official pictures

Rated 4 out of 54

Ollie Kew, 13 June 2012 16:41

It's not quite a Juke-R, but it's still a faster Juke - Nissan has greenlighted the Juke Nismo concept for production. Chief among the Nismo alterations are light tuning for the engine, an aggressive body kit, and sporty tweaks inside the Juke's cabin. What's new on the 2012 Nissan Juke Nismo? On the outside, your eyes are assaulted by a bodykit comprising a ...

UK car manufacturing to hit record high by 2015

Rated 4 out of 54

Tim Pollard, 12 June 2012 09:11

Britain is on track to hit a new all-time car manufacturing high by the end of 2015. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders forecasts that car production is set to top 2 million a year in three years' time. That's enough to eclipse the 1.92m record set forty years ago in 1972. What's causing the increase in UK car ...

Nissan GT-R Track Pack (2012) CAR review

Rated 3 out of 53

Chris Chilton, 24 May 2012 08:59

This is the Nissan GT-R Track Pack, a stripped-down, pumped-up Japanese coupe with designs on the 911 GT3. A GT-R GT3? Isn’t what the Spec V was all about. The GT-R Spec V was certainly the hardcore GT-R, but it was also obscenely expensive – double the price of the standard car. The Track Pack only costs around £10k extra but still ...

Nissan Juke-R (2012) goes into production

Nissan Juke-R (2012) goes into production
  Nissan has announced that its Juke-R prototype will enter limited production on a build-to-order basis. Yes, really. Nissan Juke-R (2012): why so serious? The Juke-R is the result of the Nissan Europe Technical Centre in Cranfield teaming-up with UK motorsport engineering firm RML to stuff the powertrain of a Nissan GTR into a Nissan Juke bodyshell to create 'the ...

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  • 04 May 2012

Nissan Leaf EV (2011) long-term test review

Rated 3 out of 53

the CAR road test team, 14 March 2012 10:30

Two sides to our Leaf – 14 March 2012 At once the Leaf is both soothing and stressful. Climb in, press the start button, and besides the dashboard lighting up to the accompaniment of a few bongs, you’d never know it was running. After any other car, the complete lack of vibrations is wonderful, so you glide along in relaxed comfort. You’re a little ...

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