Jaguar supercars

Jaguar supercars

By Tim Pollard

29 July 2008 09:00

Luxury saloon specialist Jaguar has one genuine supercar contender under its belt, CAR would postulate. The XJ220 was born at the height of the supercar boom – but suffered the market collapse, and never really received the recognition it deserves. An interesting curio, nevertheless

Make and model





Top speed

Jaguar XJ220



 3498cc V6, 542bhp, 475lb ft



Jaguar XJ220 supercar


 Held the production-car speed record for a couple of years
 at 217mph


 Like the Diablo, never gained much credibility. Elton John
 had one


 Bold styling but timid thinking


Jaguar's only supercar had a fraught life. First shown with four-wheel drive and a Jag V12, it made production at much higher price with rear-drive and the blown V6 from the Metro 6R4. Disappointment and the recession kippered sales


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