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Find all the information you need on any Honda car in the current Honda range. All the most popular Honda models on sale today are listed below so you can browse CAR’s archive of news, advice, reviews, photo galleries, scoops, videos and spy photos of all Hondas. Click on the Honda model you’re interested in and you’ll be taken to a page brimming with our Honda archive content. It’s a great way to filter out all of CAR Magazine’s Honda stories you’re interested in – in one handy place. Click on the links below for our Honda special.

Honda’s reputation is for reliability, high-revving VTEC engines, and (since the 2006 Civic) outlandish design. While the company still suffers image-wise for its (dare we say it) geriatric fan club, the up-shot is Honda is the only Japanese manufacturer to have truly mastered the art of consistently strong drivers’ cars time and again. With the Type-R badge returning in 2015 on the fastest hot hatch ever, plus the potential for new hybrid sports cars and a hydrogen-fuelled future, the big H remains one of the key movers in the automotive world.

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