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Land Rover

Find all the information you need on any Land Rover car in the current Land Rover range. All the most popular Land Rover models on sale today are listed below so you can browse CAR’s archive of news, advice, reviews, photo galleries, scoops, videos and spy photos of all Land Rover cars. Click on the Land Rover model you’re interested in and you’ll be taken to a page brimming with our Landy archive content. It’s a great way to filter out all of CAR Magazine’s Land Rover stories you’re interested in – in one handy place. Click on the links below for our Land Rover special.


Talk about a success story. Instead of falling victim to eco-pressures of SUVs, Land Rover is one of the world’s most influential car brands. From the iconic Defender to benchmark Range Rover, Land Rover has evolved into the byword for 4x4 performance and credibility, right down to the entry-level, concept car-aping Evoque.

Like partner-brand Jaguar, Land Rover is betting the farm on a lightweight, aluminium-based future. We’ve seen the first results in the new Range Rover and Range Rover Sport – they’re lighter, more economical and much better to drive than their predecessors, and point to a bright future for the British marque. After years in the doldrums losing market share to German SUVs and Japanese 4x4s, Land Rover can now lay claim once again to the ‘best 4x4xfar’ title.

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