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Audi R8 e-tron (2013) CAR review

Rated 2 out of 52

Damion Smy, 29 May 2013 11:00

The electric R8 has been shelved, but Audi’s let us drive it. An opportunity missed, or a smart ‘pass’ by Ingolstadt? The R8 e-tron is a rolling billboard for Audi to make us all aware of its e-tron models, of which you’ll be able to by an A3 version later this year. But while Mercedes has given us the chance ...

Smart Fortwo Electric Drive (2012) CAR review

Rated 2.5 out of 52.5

Anthony ffrench-Constant, 24 September 2010 13:03

As mentioned at the close of my recent Sark-astic experience (see CAR Magazine, August 2010), there’s nothing quite like a drastic downturn in fortune to promote radical re-evaluation. In the context of my Smart Fortwo Electric Drive on Guernsey, then, I found myself rather less preoccupied with the island’s performance parity inducing blanket 35mph speed limit than the fact that ...

Peugeot Ion (2010) electric CAR review

Rated 2 out of 52

Ben Pulman, 10 September 2010 10:29

This is Peugeot’s first electric car, the Ion… Hang on! This Peugeot Ion looks a little familiar – isn’t it a Mitsubishi iMiEV? Essentially, yes it is. Just as Peugeot (and Citroen) created re-nosed versions of Mitsubishi’s Outlander SUV, so the PSA twins now have their take on the electric iCar. But like the 4007 and C-Crosser 4x4s, PSA has ...

Ford Airstream concept (2007) CAR review

Rated 2.5 out of 52.5

James Foxall, 17 July 2007 08:32

Airstream. Isn’t that an American caravan? Indeed it is. The sort that even people who hate caravans have to admit looks quite cool. Ford decided they represented the ultimate American journey so it designed a car version and this is it. In the metal – or rather fibreglass as this is a concept car – it’s stunning. That silver paintwork ...

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