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How much? £57,480
On sale in the UK: October 2010
Engine: 4163cc 32v V8, 444bhp @ 8250rpm, 317lb ft @ 4000-6000rpm
Transmission: Seven-speed dual-clutch auto, four-wheel drive
Performance: 4.6sec 0-62mph, 155mph, 26.2mpg, 252g/km
How heavy / made of? 1725kg/steel
How big (length/width/height in mm)? 4635/1854/1369mm
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Audi RS5 (2010) CAR video road test

By Phil McNamara

First Drives

23 April 2010 17:01

The Audi RS5, one of the most exciting prospects of 2010, has been driven by CAR. With 444bhp, a 4.2-litre V8 petrol engine that winds up to an 8500rpm redline, and four-wheel drive, Ingostadt¹s new coupe looks to have the ammunition to take on BMW¹s sensational M3. There¹s barely a cigarette paper between their 4.6sec and 4.7sec 0-62mph sprints (it¹s the Audi that¹s a tenth faster, by the way).
CAR contributing editor Jethro Bovingdon flew to Spain to drive the RS5, just before the Volcanic ash cloud stopped play. Exactly 30 years after the legendary Quattro erupted into our consciousness, has Audi created a spiritual successor to make the earth move? Watch our video for Jethro¹s verdict, and pick up the May issue of CAR ­ on sale now ­with 28 pages celebrating 30 years of Quattro.  

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Audi RS5 (2010) CAR video road test


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reward badge

carreader says

RE: Audi RS5 (2010) CAR video road test

Looks and sounds great but another so-so RS ?

I agree with JB an RS should be more special than this.

Not an M3 competitor but a modern day Porsche 928 grand tourer.


01 May 2010 08:34



reward badgemoderatorstaff

kubrick says

RE: Audi RS5 (2010) video road test

 1725kg? I don't think the Carrera S' place in my dream garage is being threatened by this. 

27 April 2010 10:08



reward badge

DrPep says

RE: Audi RS5 (2010) video road test

Maybe...Maybe.  I'm sure it's great, but I can think of much more impressive metal in which to invest £60k. 

27 April 2010 00:52



jterrier says

RE: Audi RS5 (2010) video road test

 I cant help but think that this - and other - reviews are missing the point a bit with the view (oddly similar across all publications... baa.... baa) that this car is uninvolving, unexciting etc etc. Its being criticised for not being an M3 or a GTR; but on such a subjective basis you could then knock those cars for not being an RS5. The point of this car is to be quick across the ground, without any fuss or surprises for the driver (which an M3 might spring unexpectedly), just maximum mechanical efficiency and purpose, covering as many bases as it can, and at the same time to be a pleasing luxury item to own (which a GTR may not be). It seems to hit all of those points which makes it a successful exercise for Audi and a desirable item for its target audience. 

26 April 2010 20:34

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