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How much? £60,000
On sale in the UK: November 2008
Engine: 2979cc 6cyl, 326bhp @ 5800rpm, 332lb ft @ 1500rpm
Transmission: Six-speed automatic, rear-wheel drive
Performance: 5.9sec 0-62mph, 155mph, 28.5mpg, 232g/km CO2
How heavy / made of? 1860kg/steel and aluminium
How big (length/width/height in mm)? 5072/1902/1479
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BMW 740i (2009) CAR review

By Richard Aucock

First Drives

28 July 2008 08:58

We've just been behind the wheel of BMW's new 7-series, at the company's Miramas test base. And while this 7-series might be a taped-up pre-production car, it's all but ready. So we've taken the unusual step of driving a car before its official launch to see if the promised tech fest is worth waiting for ahead of its November 2008 launch.

The new BMW 7-series looks a bit like a revised version of the old car...

It does, in photographs at least. As designer Karim Habib explained, only in the metal does it gain life (designers frequently watch clay mock-ups being towed outdoors, to see how shapes ‘move’).

And it’s some display of sculptural art, the new Seven. Much more cohesive than the bit-part old car. BMW-trademark proportions push the front wheels right forward, emphasising the gap between A-pillar and wheel centre. Near-vertical kidneys are pushed forwards too, reinforcing the car's length.

But it’s the new 7-series' surfacing that’s most remarkable. Take the side: an organic form, twisting inboard at the front wheels, free-flowing outwards towards the rear. This is Habib's favourite aspect. He claims that modern BMW design is all about light falling on the sheet metal. 

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BMW 740i (2009) CAR review


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rcoulter says

RE: BMW 740i (2009) CAR review

Sir, As the owner of a 2005 745 I am more than happy to see that BMW have not ruined a car that in my opinion is outstanding. The petrol V8 in my car has just averaged 27.5 mpg over 2700 fast miles in France, Germany & Italy, there are not many 4.5 litre cars that are sufficiently well engineered to acheive. 20 years ago my 4.2 litre Jaguar would have managed half this figure, not enough credit is given to the motor industry for the enormous strtides which have taken place in engine efficiency. Keep up the good work BMW, I am always pleased to be in mine.

15 August 2008 20:44



reward badge

nkrz says

RE: BMW 740i (2009) CAR review

I can't wait to drive it! As for the looks, we must not forget the segment it is in commands a degree of restraint. Having said that I believe it will be just right in the real and on the move.

02 August 2008 10:55



reward badge

moffmeister says

RE: BMW 740i (2009) CAR review

Am having trouble concluding whether or not it is uglier than its predeccessor. If the new model is getting hosts of new tech, then will it be a stronger contender to the Merc S class? Am still holding my belief that the 7 is a car for Russian oil billionaires only!

31 July 2008 13:51



reward badge

Brand0 says

RE: BMW 740i (2009) CAR review

It is pretty much common knowledge that BMW do revolution in year 1 then evolution 5-6 years later followed by revolution again. The original Bangle 7 was the revolution, and this is the evolution. Why have people expected the revolution to come in ahead of schedule? It was NEVER going to be a CS - besides, the CS is a car in the mold of Merc's CLS anyway - perhaps a future 8 Series. It's this reason why an 8 year-old BMW is still desirable and an 8 year old Honda is not. I'm not trying to say that BMW are the only ones who do this, by the way, but look at the cars that hold thier value the best and the patern is pretty clear, unless a car is just plain rubbish.

30 July 2008 12:24



reward badge

Djimi says

RE: BMW 740i (2009) CAR review

The next A8 and XJ aren't too far away, and I'll expect them to be the most desirable. I don't think BMW have done enough styling wise - again. Sigh. Another decade of ugly Beemers. Woe is me.

29 July 2008 13:00

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