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Honda CR-V (2013) CAR video review

Will Honda's new CR-V drive up a ski slope? Watch CAR magazine's new video review of the 2013 Honda CR-V to find out.

Chris Chilton is your guide to the new crossover from Honda. The last one claimed to be the acceptable face of SUVkind - and the new one is more refined and brings more technology and flair to the family 4x4 sector.

It's not bad on the white stuff, either...

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Honda CR-V (2013) CAR video review


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Fadyady says

RE: Honda CR-V (2013) CAR video review

Honda CRV has always been bought as a grass and gravel car. The new CRV is spacious, refined, family oriented and slightly cleaner and more fuel efficient than the outgoing model. Impressively this SUV has sold 5 million examples worldwide in 16 years of production. Its 4WD won't let one down when the going gets tough on-road but its not really designed for serious mud-plugging. Its certainly one of the cars on my list.

06 January 2013 23:12



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CarCrazy62 says

RE: Honda CR-V (2013) CAR video review

Good report shame the music drowned out much of what he had to say

05 January 2013 06:07



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sherbo2001 says

RE: Honda CR-V (2013) CAR video review

Pity about the music, the car looks worth consdieration if thats what your after Uk built and Honda reliability. I assumed the outdoor stuff was in Wales? Come back to the North East Chris and try out those N Yorks moors roads.

I too suprised by the suggestion other 4x4's failed the ski slope test, give us the gen on which.

04 January 2013 17:10



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jacomoseven says

RE: Honda CR-V (2013) CAR video review

Chris channelling his inner Noel Edmonds here, for a lightweight promo for Honda. Poor effort. And WTF with the music?

30 December 2012 00:48



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Chinto says

RE: Honda CR-V (2013) CAR video review

There must be a lot of traction in the artificial, consistent snow of this ski slope. In an outdoor slope with real snow, hardly any SUV at all would be able to drive up such an incline. For that, you need caterpillar belts.

28 December 2012 15:39

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