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How much? £32,800
On sale in the UK: Now
Engine: 2401cc 4-cyl turbodiesel, 120bhp @ 3500rpm, 276lb ft @ 2000rpm
Transmission: Dual-transfer six-speed manual, full-time four-wheel drive
Performance: 15.8secs 0-62mph, 82mph, 27.5mpg, 274g/km CO2
How heavy / made of? 1705kg/steel
How big (length/width/height in mm)? 3649/1790/2021
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Land Rover Defender SVX 90 soft-top (2008) CAR review

By CJ Hubbard

First Drives

12 August 2008 09:00

This is the Land Rover Defender SVX, a special edition built to celebrate Land Rover's 60th anniversary. Based on the short-wheelbase 90, the Defender SVX is available as station wagon or soft-top, and just 1800 are being produced for sale worldwide. The Defender's a hell of a thing, an institution – a car you should drive before you die. Or before Land Rover kills it. Whichever.

So what's so special about the Land Rover Defender SVX?

To get the full SVX hit go for the soft-top version. Every SVX gets metallic black paint and satin black 60th anniversary decals (making these about as subtle as possible, despite their door- and bonnet-filling size), silver detailing including the front grille (not the most successful aspect of the design...), and unique clear-lens lights – including the alarmingly contemporary LED rears. Then there's the reinforced aluminium front undershield, and flash looking 'diamond turned' alloys. But only the soft-top includes a standard fit roll-cage.

Since you're all thinking it we may as well say that, yes, this does look like it came from the Lara Croft accessory catalogue. But like the original open Land Rovers, the SVX soft-top stacks its spare wheel behind the front seats and features a flat load bed – complete with useful lockbox hidden underneath.

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Land Rover Defender SVX 90 soft-top (2008) CAR review


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jcmcclean says

RE: Land Rover Defender SVX 90 soft-top CAR review

I got my soft top a month ago to replace my TD5 defender. I love it, except for the grill. As a weekend toy it can't be beaten, a suspension lift and 33'' tyres complete the madness and my only difficulty is driving my other toys and keeping the miles down. I will probably buy a second one and put it away, the chances are Landrover will be out of business in 24 months with their sales down something like 60%.

30 November 2008 14:37



reward badge

Grant0610 says

RE: Land Rover Defender SVX 90 soft-top CAR review

This price is mind blowing for this car but probably worth it. It may be it's swansong as well. It is incredibly fit for purpose and that is what some people forget. As a 4x4 it makes the BMW X5 look like a Fiat Panda 4x4. Mind you that might be a diservice to the Panda! We know what the Defender is for. What is the X5 for?

31 October 2008 02:47



reward badge

loydaniels says

RE: Land Rover Defender SVX 90 soft-top CAR review

I don't think it looks all that bad... but I do prefer the hard top DF90. And i definitely believe LR should make sure there's a Defender 60 years from now. Heck.. if it's not Defender, how will scientists, researchers, technicians etc get to those remote locations? Don't tell me a hummer! (btw.. I hate those things) My cousin had a 40 yr old Defender top removed... it was so much fun when we went off roading! I mean.. FUUUUUUN! One time he drove it up a 65-70 degree steep hill. Even took a photo of it while it was parked like that.

18 August 2008 07:02



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attomole says

RE: Land Rover Defender SVX 90 soft-top CAR review

Looks like its been dressed up by its little sister, Camp as a row tents, What a sad end.

16 August 2008 09:01



watteeuw says

RE: Land Rover Defender SVX 90 soft-top CAR review

I drive one of these beast (90 TD5 soft top)! I have a hate love affair with it. I know it is a lot of money for the badge but it is more than a car. It drives like shit, doesn’t turn, expensive, consumes a lot, noisy, no luxury,... but all of that doesn’t matter. Why?? It is a Defender…. When driving and adding all these negative points together it all makes sense. There are way better cars but there is no care like it. But now they lost a lot off passion and soul because of the new luxury,comfort that doesen't work and have no place, sence in a car like this.

15 August 2008 18:24

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