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World's best car? New Range Rover vs the greats video

Which is the world's greatest car? It's perennial pub chat and to find the answer we gathered the cream of the crop to find the world's best at the launch of the new Range Rover.

Is the new Rangie up there with a fighting chance for the title? Its mix of high-riding luxury, go-anywhere credentials and downright desirability mean it's up with the class best. But it's no walk in the park - not with a Ferrari FF, Rolls-Royce Phantom, Bentley Mulsanne and Aston Martin Rapide up for a fight.

Watch our video above to see what happened behind the scenes of CAR magazine's December 2012 cover story. Hear the thoughts of Georg Kacher, Phil McNamara, Chris Chilton and Ben Pulman as they decide the title of world's best car.

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World's best car? New Range Rover vs the greats video


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CHelme says

RE: World's best car? New Range Rover vs the greats video

Let me guess, (I haven't read the article) it was the Range Rover, right? Well, if so, so be it.

The difficulty with any test is that we all have our personal preferences with each reviewer placing emphasis on a selection of attributes s/he finds the most important, i.e. image, brand, capability as a driver’s car etc...

Considering all such attributes in the round, the Range Rover could well justify why it should be the best car here. It has a huge range of qualities; (no pun intended) the quality craftsmanship inside, all the gismos you could wish for, the ‘wafty’ comfort of the best and affords a sense of superiority only exceeded by the other RR and the Ferrari in the test. Moreover, it is one you can drive to your City office all week then take to your Country Manor, park it outside the Dorchester, or in a field near a lake with your chums whilst you wait for the geese with your Beretta other car here matches the Range Rover in accommodating this variety of ' luxury lifestyles', although perhaps the Ferrari comes pretty close with its AWD configuration.

Having said this, if it was another car that won it, then fair enough, it must be pretty special.

29 December 2012 11:42



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kkirkou says

RE: World's best car? New Range Rover vs the greats video

@carmobster, the Allroad seen as a long termer in other pages around here looks anything but a workhorse. Besides, I prefer the earlier Range Rovers which were more workhorses than bling. I'd propose neither of them as the world's best car. And if someone considers sheer comfort and exclusivity, then the Citroen C6 should be on top of its list... (I really like the C6 by the way). World's best car = tricky equation but for me the Range is not the answer.

28 December 2012 14:00



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carmobster says

RE: World's best car? New Range Rover vs the greats video

Biased? Chauvinist? I mean there are 2 German cars, 1 Italian and 2 British/Indian/Arabian cars.

The Bentley is a heavily developed Audi A8 and the Rolls Royce has many parts from BMW.

What is wrong with picking these cars, only the Ferrari and Aston Martin are out of place here. But hey it is just having some fun.


@kkirkou; An Audi A6 Allroad? Seriously? Come on it's just a workhorse not a luxury car. Range Rover has gone up a notch in luxury to make it a contender with the big leaque a.k.a. Rolls-Royce and Bentley.

Actually you have to ask yourself the following question; why buy yourselfs one of these if you can have the same comfort in a Range Rover. The car is luxury heaven (no sporty ride, just perfect comfort) and has a big practical side too.

What's not to like? It looks great and really is the best luxury car around because it has class and a exclusivity the S-class, 7 series and A8 can't match.

28 December 2012 07:10



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Halfabee says

RE: World's best car? New Range Rover vs the greats video

@jess - German mags have a German bias, US mags ditto for US cars -  what's wrong with a UK mag picking (mainly) UK cars for it's comparison test? 

27 December 2012 17:30



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kkirkou says

RE: World's best car? New Range Rover vs the greats video

I like the Range Rover in general very much, but as a candidate for world's best car... I mean, seriously? A fully loaded Audi A6 Allroad TDi can do most things equally good as the Range Rover (except serious off-roading, but I bet you won't see any Rangie in the mud up to its window line anyway...), while costing much less. Nice the Rangie it may be, but let's not exagerrate. Especially with all the visual bling it has gained over the years, it's better as a candidate for the world's best rapper's-video-clip car.

27 December 2012 14:48

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