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Volkswagen Scirocco R (2014) review

Rated 2.5 out of 52.5

John Mahoney, 16 July 2014 11:16

Volkswagen has freshened up its Scirocco coupe for 2014 with the mildest of visual tweaks. We drive the range-topping Scirocco R that gets the biggest bump in power. Finally, an all-new Volkswagen Scirocco – is it any good? Woah, hold your horses. The all-new MQB-based Scirocco doesn’t arrive for another two years. That means the current car, that first went ...

VW Golf GTI (2014) long-term test review of Mk7 GTI

Rated 3.5 out of 53.5

the CAR road test team, 14 July 2014 09:11

Month 2 running a VW Golf GTI (Mk7): the Golf turns family wagon Like many Golf GTI drivers, I want our new long-termer to be two cars in one: when I’m on my own I want it to be a hot hatch, all pointy and racy; but I also need it to be a practical family car that’s big enough ...

Subaru BRZ (2014) long-term test review

Rated 3 out of 53

the CAR road-test team, 11 July 2014 11:55

Month 10 running a Subaru BRZ: the racing spec No, I haven’t decided to race my Subaru BRZ. And anyway, this isn’t a Subaru. It’s a Scion FR-S, the marque and name under which the BRZ/GT86 is sold by Toyota in the US and Canada. But not all Scion versions run that wing: this is the car that Ken Gushi ...

Aston Martin DB9 (2014) long-term test review

Rated 2 out of 52

the CAR road test team, 08 July 2014 11:03

Month 10 a year in an Aston Martin DB9: the end of the love affair Who can remember what they did last summer? For most of us it’s a haze of half-recalled snippets, of faded holiday moments, of barbecue parties that might equally have been in early June or late August. But here at CAR we can remember last summer in ...

Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet (2014) review

Rated 3.5 out of 53.5

Greg Fountain, 04 July 2014 10:56

There’s a point in every model’s range where everything basically stops making sense. A bit like life, possibly. And for the 911 I think this is it. Who actually buys a Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet? Nobody wants to travel at 195mph with the roof down, or accelerate to 62mph in 3.5sec while being pelted with insect shrapnel. If you wish ...

Mercedes S63 AMG Coupe (2014) review

Rated 4 out of 54

the CAR road test team, 01 July 2014 10:04

Mercedes’ CL is no more; meet the new Mercedes S-class Coupe, tested here in S63 AMG trim. The likely price tag is expected to top £125,000, meaning the S-class Coupe is now nudging wholeheartedly into Bentley territory. Can the two-door S-class AMG justify pricing deep into six-figure territory? Read on for our S63 AMG Coupe review. Mercedes S-class Coupe: first ...

McLaren 12C Spider vs Ferrari 458 Spider video review

McLaren 12C Spider vs Ferrari 458 Spider video review
brightcove.createExperiences(); Watch CAR magazine's video twin test as we pitch the Ferrari 458 Spider against the McLaren 12C Spider in the hills of north Wales. CAR's Ben Pulman is your judge, as he drives the £200,000 coupe-convertible rivals flat-out around Snowdonia. The McLaren 12C Spider has been superseded by the 650 Spider and you can read our full 650S review ...

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  • 30 June 2014

Citroen C1 Feel PureTech 82 (2014) review

Rated 4 out of 54

Damion Smy, 27 June 2014 11:50

The new Citroen C1 is twinned with the Peugeot 108 and the Toyota Aygo city cars, with all three built on the same production line in Spain. Yet to battle the likes of the VW Up and Fiat 500, the Citroen has been given a stronger identity this time around, according to the French maker. But which city car is the ...

Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 (2014) review

Rated 4 out of 54

Chris Chilton, 26 June 2014 17:09

The Chevrolet Camaro's Z/28 badge is as hallowed among US car fans as GT3 is to Porsche nuts, but this latest Zee, the first since 2002, is special because it’s the first for over four decades to really do the legendary name justice. The original ’66-’69 Camaro Z/28 existed for one reason alone: to win the then-new SCCA Trans Am ...

Aston Martin Vantage N430 Coupe (2014) CAR review

Rated 3 out of 53

Damion Smy, 23 June 2014 10:48

The ‘N’ stands for Nurburgring, and the 430 for the power output. The Aston Martin Vantage N430 signifies the next top-level version of the V8-powered coupe and Volante, taking over from the N420 and before that, N400 series of Nurburgring-inspired models. Read on for our full Aston Martin Vantage N430 review. Why does Aston name its Vantage N430 after a race ...

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