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We hope that using CAR Online is simple and rewarding. If you are experiencing problems, please email our helpdesk and we’ll respond as soon as possible.
And if you have any good or bad feedback, or suggestions about how we might improve your user experience, then please get in touch too. We need your help to make CAR the best online motoring news website.  



Where possible questions will be answered here. If you are unable to find a solution to your query on this page, please continue to email

We will make every attempt to update this page with your questions and provide answers.


Why do I see ‘page could not be loaded’ on viewing some pages?

The website is constantly being updated so this message in most instances displays when we are

1) Updating/editing a web page

2) Maintenance is taking place on the site and should only be down for a few minutes


Access denied

This could be due to content that has expired. If you see this error email with the URL address you are trying to view, this helps us to identify and resolve the issue.


Why am I unable to view images?

First thing to check here is that your browser settings allow you to show pop-ups, you can enable this for individual sites.


Why do the images on the picture switcher sometimes load in a new window?

This happens when the page hasn't finished loading. The bottom left hand of your browser will indicate when it has finished loading the page. Only then will you see the pop-up viewer and have the ability to navigate left and right through our gallery of images.


I have already registered and can not log in?

Please check if you have used spacing in your username.

If you are still experiencing problems please email


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