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Portugal announces electric car recharging network

Rated 2.5 out of 52.5

Simon Stiel, 25 November 2008 15:26

One of the major drawbacks of electric cars is the lack of national recharging networks. Run out of juice on a journey and most locals will be loathe to let you plug into their mains – especially with energy prices so high. But now Renault and Nissan have announced that Portugal will have a nationwide electric car recharging network built ...

Lotus goes Honda hybrid racing

Rated 4 out of 54

Glen Waddington, 25 September 2008 15:46

No, it’s not a Norfolk-based competition to grow the tallest rose varieties. Lotus Engineering is developing a Honda Civic Hybrid for stage rallying and circuit racing. Yes, you read that right. Hold on! Lotus is racing a Honda hybrid?  It turns out there’s a lot of untapped performance potential lurking within Honda’s petrol-electric commuter car, and Lotus has the key ...

Lotus and Jaguar to develop new multi-fuel engine

Rated 4 out of 54

Ben Whitworth, 12 August 2008 12:14

Lotus is joining forces with Queen’s University Belfast and Jaguar to develop Omnivore, a revolutionary new multi-fuel combustion engine with significantly enhanced thermal efficiency when running on any combination of alcohols and gasoline. What's this new Lotus engine about? Sponsored by Department for the Environment and Rural Affairs and Department of the Environment Northern Ireland through the Renewable Materials LINK ...

Honda dealership goes green

Rated 3.5 out of 53.5

Ben Whitworth, 11 August 2008 16:06

Honda has cast its environmental eye on to its dealerships. Its latest showroom - Inchcape Honda in Romford, Essex – uses recycled rainwater, ground source heating pumps and solar power to slash its energy bill by 30 percent compared to standard showrooms. Why is this Honda dealership so green? Instead of traditional air-conditioning, the 12-car site uses fully automated low-level ventilation ...

Peugeot launches Blue Lion eco-standard

Rated 3 out of 53

Tom Richards, 08 August 2008 14:35

Peugeot has launched its Blue Lion standard, the French company’s answer to the Bluemotions, iBlues and EfficientDynamics of this eco-aware world. The Blue Lion standard is here to help Peugeot's customers identify its, err, greener cars. Only cars that produce less than 130g/km CO2 and are 95 percent recyclable at the end of their lifecycle qualify. Fifty models in Peugeot’s current ...

Audi 'won't launch its own eco sub-brand'

Rated 4 out of 54

Ben Pulman, 17 July 2008 17:42

BMW has Efficient Dynamics, Mercedes has BlueEfficiency and Audi has… what? On the surface, Audi seems to have missed the green boat entirely, having not created an eco-brand to act as an environmentally friendly halo for its mainstream range. Audi says this isn’t the case; it’s not late to the party – it’s not coming at all. Surely it’s just ...

Citroen unveils new eco branding

Rated 2.5 out of 52.5

Tim Pollard, 14 July 2008 12:42

Citroen today unveiled its new eco branding: its cleanest models will wear the Airdream badge. The company claims that 50 models in its range meet the clean-fuel criteria to qualify for the Airdream tag: • CO2 emissions of less than 120g/km or• Diesel particulate filter with CO2 below 158g/km or• Run on superethanol or• Fitted with stop-start Which all makes ...

London's £25 congestion charge scrapped

Rated 4 out of 54

Ben Pulman, 08 July 2008 09:30

The UK's £25 congestion charge is no more following a consent order that legally brings a formal end to any court proceedings between Porsche, Transport for London and the London mayor. In his pre-election plans Boris Johnson had always stood against the proposed charge – a huge hike from today's £8-a-day charge. Once in power, Johnson’s legal team advised him ...

VW to relaunch 'one-litre' eco car

Rated 3.5 out of 53.5

Georg Kacher, 30 June 2008 15:52

Remember Volkswagen's 'one-litre' car, capable of one litre per 100km, or a scarcely credible 282mpg? Well VW has approved top-secret plans to build the limited-edition fuel miser in 2010, CAR Online can reveal. The tiny, grey cigar-shaped curiosity was a triumphal hit at the 2002 annual meeting in Hamburg and now – finally – it's heading for production. At the ...

Lotus and Caparo join forces to develop hybrid Jaguar limo

Rated 3.5 out of 53.5

Ben Whitworth, 18 June 2008 12:30

Lotus Engineering has won a contract to develop two low-carbon vehicles – a large luxury hybrid executive saloon called Limo-Green and a zero-emission London Taxi – as part of a £52m raft of green projects initiated by the government’s Technology Strategy Board. Lotus will team up with Caparo Vehicle Technologies and automotive research giant MIRA to develop what it calls ‘a ...

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