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Digital preview of the new issue of CAR magazine

Lots of twin test exclusives this month: CAR magazine is first to publish the hybrid supercar comparison the world's been waiting for - as LaFerrari battles the McLaren P1. It's our fastest twin test ever, and involves driving a P1 across Europe for a showdown in the hills above Maranello. Plus we've put the new Mercedes-AMG GT against its nemesis from across town, Porsche's evergreen 911, tested here in brand-new GTS spec. Elsewhere in the issue:

New this month Jag's 4wd F-type, Merc's baby SUV, Aston's Taraf
Review of 2014 The CAR 100 looks back at the year in review
 11 new cars tested New Mondeo, Passat, Rolls Ghost 2, Corsa, X6 driven...
• Popping our racing cherry CAR's newest recruit goes racing with Ginetta
Inside Williams We go backstage at Grove to see Williams R&D skunkworks
• Revealed! BMW i8S and next M6 Lifting the lid on BMW's 100 birthday presents
• F1 safety under the spotlight The fall-out from Bianchi's crash at Japan's GP
Twin test Bonkers baby SUVs Merc GLA45 AMG vs Audi Q3 RS
Our daily drivers Our Peugeot RCZ R arrives, Lexus IS and Merc CLS Shooting Brake go
Career suicide! The top 10 car bosses who founded a firm yet were booted out
Brain fodder Columns by Gavin Green, Mark Walton and Ben Oliver
The big news Why the Evo is dead, Renault's battery break-through and flying cars
Taxi! CAR tries out Nissan's new NV200 hybrid cab in New York

The December 2014 issue of CAR magazine is on sale now, in print and available to download for Apple iPad, Google Play, Nook and Kobo tablet devices. Browse our interactive sampler above.

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CAR magazine December 2014: the supercar summit


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Digital preview of the new issue of CAR magazine


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reward badge

culverwood says

RE: Digital preview of the new issue of CAR magazine

To me this month's CAR magazine is another step down the ladder of quality grapic design.

It looks like a copy of What Car or other similar down market mazine from the cover.  Happily things are better inside but the 25 most wanted cars are not as well presented as they have been in the recent past.



27 October 2014 16:58



janeleonard says

RE: Digital preview of the new issue of CAR magazine

The new edition seems to be incredible!! With lot more surprises on the new cars for the coming year, I would love to read the article on Lambhorghini that goes hybrid.

16 October 2014 10:13



rhythmnation says

RE: Digital preview of the new issue of CAR magazine

 Just downloaded my copy of the November issue... Great to see Jaimie Kitman back as part of the CAR team...

15 October 2014 04:39



reward badgemoderatorexpertstaff

TimPollard says

RE: Digital preview of the new issue of CAR magazine

Hi skran3 - please email the CAR editorial team for this kind of query. Bit off topic here! Address is:

25 September 2014 20:50



skran3 says

RE: Digital preview of the new issue of CAR magazine

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18 September 2014 04:51

CAR magazine December issue
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