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Digital preview of the new issue of CAR magazine

Calling all BMW M3 fans: the May issue of CAR magazine is an M3 special! There's the tyre-smoking new twin-turbo 425bhp M3 saloon, before exploring stories of the engineers, designers and drivers who helped make the M3 a legend among sports cars. We’ve also gathered together four generations of M3, to uncover the secrets of driving and owning an icon. Plus…

  • Jaguar's new F-type R Coupe takes on the 200mph Aston Martin V12 Vantage S in the Pyrenees
  • Disco fever: we join Land Rover as it builds the new Discovery SUV concept
  • Porsche @ Le Mans: CAR meets ex-F1 star Mark Webber as he tests the new 919 racer in Bahrain
  • Porsche @ Le Mans: we reunite the drivers and cars who created history
  • McLaren 650S driven: does Britain’s new 641bhp supercar finally take the fight to Ferrari’s 458 Italia?
  • Meet the Callums: CAR interviews design giants Moray and Ian Callum
  • SEVEN first drives including the stunning Eagle E-type Low Drag GT, Chevrolet’s take on a 911 GT3, and the 75mpg BMW X5
  • PLUS: we welcome a VW Golf GTI and Citroen C4 Grand Picasso to our long-term test fleet, and wave goodbye to our Ford Kuga and Dacia Duster

The May issue of CAR magazine is on sale now, in print and available to download for Apple iPad and Android tablet devices.

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Digital preview of the new issue of CAR magazine


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paulecheverria372 says

RE: Digital preview of the new issue of CAR magazine

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23 April 2014 20:42



reward badge

RichardK says

RE: Digital preview of the new issue of CAR magazine

April 2014 is a fine issue. Unexpected delight:  a) The C Class first test (beware 3er)  and b) The range Rover Sport being so good [that it may best its bigger brother, (unless huge is your main aim)]


Congratulations boys and girls.

21 March 2014 10:16



reward badge

papagomp says

RE: Digital preview of the new issue of CAR magazine

 Always enjoy the preview before I buy the mag, but the pornographic image at the end, where other publications are listed was not good. I realise it may be an external site, but still, please address this.


19 March 2014 00:22



diogo says

RE: Digital preview of the new issue of CAR magazine

Hi! I'm a Porsche guy, though not fanatic. In previous comments, some people complain about too much Porsche in CAR. Well, that can also be said of other mags all over the world... In fact that pleases me and it's also to Porsche's credit, but I might agree in some cases.
Anyway, it's the other way round now and hence my comment. CAR had its first hands-on drive in the final 918 Spyder on late November. Yet, to my surprise and as far as I could see, nothing appeared in the Jan and Feb 2014 issues! Even if we can discuss its merits vs. P1 and Laferrari, imo the 918 is undoubtedly a very significant machine, at least for its remarkable technology. It should receive at least as much notice as the myriad 911 versions...
My compliments and keep up the good work!


14 February 2014 15:48



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v0lterra says

RE: Digital preview of the new issue of CAR magazine

@Brand0: Audi grille? That would be a full width affair with four rings on it. Look at any Audi 1965-1990 and you'll see a full width grille. Then over the next 10 years it morphs into a Jaguar grille i.e. non-full width and taller. Audi just noticed that premium cars had conspicuous tall grilles and joined the club over several generations of models. Sticks out a mile. Tbh I preferred their old look. Really clean. But not posh.

06 February 2014 20:09

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