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Breckland Beira: the first pictures

By Ben Pulman

First Official Pictures

03 June 2008 17:18

Now I know it doesn’t look like a Saturn Sky, but just what have the external changes been?

The front and rear bodywork is new, although the headlights are standard Saturn items. Around 25cm has been added to the length of the car, mostly at the back, which allows the Beira to accomodate a 70-litre LPG tank alonside the regular petrol tank. While there might not be many LPG fuelling stations outside of Breckland’s Norfolk home, the company has given the car the dual-fuel capability because it can. And you never know when the 700-mile range will come in handy.

What about leaks, shoddy build quality and all those other kit car issues?

This isn't a kit car and Breckland has wisely left the roof and GM doors alone, so all the seals are factory originals. No leaks here. There should also be no issues about overall build quality. Breckland previously built the Mosler, and if that car was anything it was impeccably built.

Wisely Breckland has fiddled too much. ‘We didn’t set out to reinvent the wheel with Beira,’ says engineering director Mark Easton. ‘Since all of the hard work has been done, it has enabled us to keep development costs low. We developed the Beira where we needed to, not for the sake of it.'