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Citroen C4 facelift (2008): first photos

By Ben Whitworth

First Official Pictures

16 September 2008 11:13

Citroen has given its C4 hatch a mid-life brush-up with the introduction of two new petrol engines, a range of economy tweaks for the HDI diesels and an is-it-new-or-not facelift. 

It looks like a subtle makeover for the Citroen C4. Talk me through the changes

The C4’s nose gets a revised bumper and grille and a repositioned number plate, that according to Citroen imbues the C4 with a ‘stronger, sportier, more dynamic look’. But then you probably picked up on that straight away.

The bonnet – now more curved and rounded – is also new. The rear lights are now clear-lensed, there are three new alloy wheel designs, two new paint options and upper-crust models get a sprinkling of chrome accents.

Inside Citroen has fiddled about with the plastics and moved the rev-counter to the translucent central display unit. Just as well the changes are minimal – the C4, particularly the three-door variant is still a strikingly stylish thing.

Please tell me the rest of the money was spent on the bits you don’t see…

Yes indeed it has. The C4 now comes with two new petrol engines – the 1.6 VTi and the 1.6 THP – which have been co-developed with the BMW group. The all-alloy VTi unit features continuously variable valve timing and develops 120bhp – good for a 10 second sprint to 60mph and a 121mph top speed.

Available with manual or automatic transmission, its novel valve lift system means 90 percent of its torque – 118lb ft – is available between 2000 and 6000rpm. On the combined cycle, the manual returns 42.2mpg and posts a CO2 rating of 159g/km, which is down 6 percent on the outgoing engine.

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