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Renault Megane (2008): first official photos and video

By Ben Pulman

First Official Pictures

09 September 2008 17:30

London motor show video

After last week’s leaked photos these are the first official pictures of the new Renault Megane. Along with striking looks, Renault is also offering a raft of clean diesel engines and promising the Megane will feature improved fit and finish, along with better reliability and durability.

The new five-door Megane is the first of six new models that will be on sale by 2010 – the line-up includes a three-door variant, an estate, a CC and the Scenic, with production split between France and Spain. The new Megane goes on sale this November and UK prices will start around £12,500, following an official unveiling at next month's Paris motor show.

What parts of the new Renault Megane haven’t I seen yet?

The interior for a start, which Renault says features a floating dashboard. There’s also a combination of analogue and digital instruments, a colour-coded cruise control and speed limiter system, DVD sat-nav, auto-locking, plus hands-free entry and ignition.

There’s also a remote lighting function which makes your Megane shine like a Christmas tree when you can’t find it in car parks, plus a parking brake that automatically applies when the engines is switched off, and release when the acceerator is pressed.

Scroll down the page to the embedded player to view Renault's unedited footage of the new Megane

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