BMW's Project-i will build 'premium vehicles'

BMW's Project-i will build 'premium vehicles'

By Ben Whitworth

Motor Industry

05 March 2009 16:02

And BMW has made three-wheeled cars before, plus it knows a thing or two about motorcycles...

Yes indeed – there will be much cross-pollination between Mini and BMW’s motorcycle division. So we can expect an odd mix of two-seater rear-drive motorbikes and trikes (think of the disastrous C1 but updated with full canopy, chunky side-impact protection, tandem seats and mechanical anti-tilt device) and Toyota iQ-sized four-wheelers, all powered by 650cc and 1200cc petrol and diesel boxer engines, advanced lithium-ion batteries or a combination of both.

Hmm. I’m not quite convinced

Neither are we, but Kranz swears that despite their segment-busting characteristics, they will be BMWs to the core. 'Performance and dynamism will be key to their appeal. They will meet people’s expectations of what a BMW is to drive.' But don’t hold you breath – Kranz admitted that it would only be by 2015 that we could expect to see any Project-i cars in BMW showrooms.

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