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CAR interviews Ian Callum: the future of Jaguar design (2009)

By Tim Pollard

Motor Industry

03 April 2009 11:55

CAR recently sat down with Ian Callum, Jaguar design director, for a frank and revealing interview. He confirmed that Jaguar will replace the X-type, revealed details of the new XJ saloon we'll see in July 2009, and disclosed the future styling direction for new Jaguar cars.

Among the highlights of the full interview – posted over the next four pages on CAR Online – are:

Details of 'three or four' new model lines his design department is working on
There will be 'smaller Jaguars' to replace the X-type
What to expect from the new XJ
Why it takes 10 years to change a company's design language
Callum's career plans after a decade at Jaguar
How they design prototype camouflage on Alias in the CAD studio
Why we shouldn't expect more concept cars from Jaguar
The new design world: a shouty, noisy, disjointed place

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