Arash AF-10 supercar: CAR exclusive scoop (2009)

Arash AF-10 supercar: CAR exclusive scoop (2009)

By Ben Pulman (artist's impression by Radovan Varicak)

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01 September 2008 13:42

This is the Arash AF-10, Britain’s newest supercar, from the man who originally created the Farbio (nee Farboud) GTS. That man was Arash Farboud (hence the names) and CAR’s exclusive renderings reveal the look of his new car, the AF-10. You can see more images and details on the Arash AF-10 in the new October 2008 issue of CAR Magazine.

Power comes from a Corvette Z06 V8, mid-mounted and cradled in a carbonfibre chassis. At £170k the AF-10 offers a construction that Gallardos and F430s just can’t match, while you’ll need double the Farboud’s asking price to get something similar from Pagani or Koenigsegg. The first Arash AF-10 is being built now and will be unveiled in the next few months, before sales start in mid-2009.

Before I get pessimistic, let’s be positive – talk me through the technical details of the Arash AF-10...

Let’s start with that engine, and frankly you’d be shocked to learn if a new British supercar offered anything but a big American V8. Not wanting to deviate from the path of cheap, reliable power, the AF-10 uses the 7.0-litre lump from the Corvette Z06, but it's mid-mounted and tweaked intakes and a new exhaust lift power from 498bhp to 'over 530bhp'.

Farboud has also managed to secure a supply of Graziano gearboxes that are pretty similar to the system found in the Ferrari Enzo, only the AF-10 will use it as god intended – as a manual transmission.

What else stands out about the AF-10?

Apart from the supercar looks, the pièce de résistance is the carbon construction. Both the bodywork and chassis are carbonfibre, built to Farboud’s specifications by one of Britain’s leading F1 suppliers. A new construction technique means 12 separate carbon parts are created, autoclaved, then bonded and screwed together on a jig, before being cured in an oven to set the glue.

This cuts the cost of a carbonfibre chassis in half, and takes the production time down from a few weeks to a few days. And it means the AF-10 will weigh less than 1200kg.

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