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Aston Martin Rapide (2009)

By Ben Pulman

Spy shots

22 January 2008 14:43

Venturing onto the roads (and frozen lakes) for the first time is Aston Martin’s new Rapide. CAR Online has caught the five-door, four-seat car cold weather testing in Scandinavia, and our spy photographers have been tracking the Rapide for the past ten days, spotting the same car refuelling last week in mainland Europe.

At 5m long, the Rapide is 30cm longer than a DB9, and slightly taller too. Compared to its coupe brother the Rapide has a kicked-up boot incorporating a rear spoiler, and of course three extra doors.

The rear doors open with the same ‘swan wing’ motion as the DB9’s, giving access to twin rear seats, while that fifth door is for the boot. The Rapide has the same hatch-style bootlid as the forthcoming Porsche Panamera.

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