Ford's new coupe (2008) revealed

Ford's new coupe (2008) revealed

By Georg Kacher (artist's impression by Motor Forecast)

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05 June 2008 23:30

Ford will dare to be different with a cut-price CLS version of the next-generation Mondeo, CAR Online can reveal. A four-door coupe model will appear for the first time alongside the traditional estate and saloon models, as depicted in our exclusive artist's impression. 

It’ll be a halo car for the brand, because now Ford of Europe is making money, it can afford some image-building cars. That’s why we’ll see the reincarnation of the Capri (CAR Magazine, July 2008) and this smart, sleek new Mondeo coupe.

How can Ford justify such a car, even if it will be cool?

Most of the Blue Oval's upcoming European proposals have true world-car potential. The Mondeo replacement is for instance designed to pick up the pieces Ford lost when it fused the North American Five Hundred and Taurus.

But before the new Mondeo due in 2012-13, we’ll see a facelift of the current car and Ford is struggling to implement the changes. ‘The new Mondeo does not need much doing to it,’ explained our friendly designer close to the project. ‘In addition, we are in the midst of working on a new form language which will replace kinetic design. In this respect, the next Mondeo is going to be an interesting turning point for us.’

So we’ll see a new Mondeo coupe with slinky, CLS-style looks?

Spot on, although underneath the car will remain much the same. After all, Ford has invested heavily in the C/CD components set which must last for at least 15 years, or two model generations. At one stage, the bean counters even considered a third lifecycle from the oily bits, but such an extension is hardly compatible with the increasingly radical consumption and emission requirements of the modern world.

Within the C/CD framework, wheelbase, width and length are almost completely flexible, and there is virtually no limit to the number and types of bodystyles either. Hence the 'coupoon' sports car meets family saloon version revealed here.

The only platform elements which must not deviate drastically from the core status quo are the independent suspension, the basic vehicle architecture and the key drivetrain components.

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