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Honda Accord (2008) spied

By Ben Pulman

Spy shots

26 September 2007 11:00

Your title says Honda Accord, but this looks like an accident between a car and a tent!

Yes, but under that heavy disguise this has been confirmed as the next Honda Accord. Prototypes have started lapping the Nurburgring ahead of the Accord’s production debut in March 2008 at the Geneva Motor Show. It will then go on sale in summer 2008. It’s a completely different car to the American Accord and Accord coupe, though.

But will there be a European Accord coupe this time round?

Very doubtful. Although Peugeot and Renault are making coupe versions of their latest D-segment saloons (and Ford and Vauxhall have shown concepts), an Accord coupe would be a flop over here, Honda officials fear. They still remember the slow-selling, but technically interesting, Prelude and other coupe efforts, then. Honda will instead focus upon growing sales of the Accord Tourer (nee estate). The concept car shown at Frankfurt was a thinly veiled version of the new estate, and the Japanese company sees quasi-premium estates as their prime opportunity for growth. The Accord Tourer will have some tough opposition though, with the likes of Mercedes’ C-class estate and Audi’s forthcoming A4 .