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Lotus Eagle (2008): the full story

By Tim Pollard

Spy shots

23 April 2008 15:30

CAR has snapped the new Lotus Eagle - and, with 11 weeks to go before its public debut at the 2008 London motor show, the disguise is slowly but surely coming off the new mid-engined 2+2 from Norfolk.

The latest spyshots reveal a low-slung sports car and we can begin to make out more detail on the Eagle's bodywork. For instance, the side profile shot reveals front doors that are carefully crafted to ease access to the rear cabin. This is a 'four-seater', remember, with rear seats designed for children up to nine years old. Or very flexible friends desperate for a lift back from the pub.

Lotus Eagle? Just remind me of the details...

The Eagle is the new mid-sized Lotus. It'll fit between the entry-level Elise family of sports cars and the new, forthcoming Esprit. That means a price of £45,000, according to UK dealers we've contacted.

There's still a bit of a wait after its July 2008 show debut. Production starts this autumn, with sales set for spring 2009.

Eagle is just a codename for the new 2+2 project. The finished car will carry a new 'E' badge, and we'd welcome your suggestions as to what Lotus should call it.

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