Mercedes BLK (2011): the scoop

Mercedes BLK (2011): the scoop

By Georg Kacher (artist's impression by Radovan Varicak)

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14 November 2008 10:50

Mercedes is readying a baby crossover dubbed BLK for launch in 2011. It's a small SUV destined to join the swelling ranks of junior premium 4x4s; the BLK will be aimed fair and square at the likes of the BMW X1 and Audi Q3.

And the new BLK – as its name suggests – will be spun from the next-generation A- and B-class family. Think of today's B donning its wellies and a Barbour, and you're not far from the mark depicted by our computer artists. Insiders talk of a smaller version of the chunky GLK.

The new B-class: hatchbacks, mini-MPVs and a baby SUV

Merc wants to expand its range of small cars, so the replacements will be available in at least three bodystyles: a three-door and five-door hatch, and this BLK baby SUV have all been confirmed to CAR. Beyond that, there could even be a B-class coupe (think a shrunken CLS).

It's not clear yet what will underpin the new family. Mercedes has been evaluating three different options that include a reworked version of the package beneath today's models and a new alliance with a third party.

The BLK is likely to be available in two different trims, dubbed internally Street (for the majority of urbanites) and Nature (a toughed-up mud-plugging spec).

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