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Mercedes E63 AMG (2009)

By Tim Pollard

Spy shots

12 May 2008 17:13

The disguise continues to fall off the next Mercedes E-class, and it’s plain to see that it won’t shock anyone – even in this musclebound AMG spec. Not for Merc the surprise and radical change that heralded the E60 BMW 5-series.

Instead, the new E (dubbed W212 in Mercspeak) will have a typically sleek outline redolent of its bigger S-class brother. Plus, on this example, the quad pipes, big wheels, discrete bodykit and huge brake discs that denote the E63 AMG sports saloon.

One giveaway to the new E-class’s design is the updated, CLS-style headlamps alluded to under the frontal disguise of this test car, a strong character line down the flanks and a stylised rear wheel arch.

Mercedes E-class: the lowdown

Where you can expect a radical rethink is under the skin. The next-gen E-class will have an E300 Bluetec diesel hybrid emitting just 134g/km of CO2. By linking Merc’s diesel Bluetec engine to a hybrid system, the greenest E-class should mix performance (413lb ft of twist) with purity (55.4mpg).

The diesel hybrid won’t be a big seller, as it’ll cost more than an E320 CDI (but less than the E500). It’s not the first Merc hybrid, though – that’ll be the S400 hybrid due at the 2008 Paris motor show this autumn.

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