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Supercar mystery solved? (2007)

By Ben Pulman

Spy shots

23 October 2007 09:03

A mystery supercar? What's all this about?

A few weeks ago, CAR Online's spies spotted this phantom prototype testing at a Leicestershire test facility in the UK - and we were left baffled. It wasn't a supercar we were aware of and so we asked for your help to identify it. We've followed up your suggestions with every specialist sports car maker under the sun, in a bid to establish its real identity. What did we find? Well, on paper at least, this is registered as a Spectre. But the story's not as simple as that. The paper trail has led us as far afield as Germany, America and around all the usual British sports car suspects - and it's raised further questions about this car's provenance. We now know exactly what this car is, what is definitely isn’t. Click ‘Next’ to get the full lowdown…

So how do we know it’s a Spectre?

The registration document. We, like many of you, ran a registration check on the car, and found out that way. That document also declared that the car is running a 6996cc engine. But it's not as simple as that. A statement on Spectre's website says ‘Spectre Cars Limited currently has no products in production. However, new vehicles are under consideration for development. Product information remains confidential at this point and so no details are available for release at this time’. However, Spectre's engineering partner is C2P Automotive. It's based in Milton Keynes, which matches the phantom car's registration document, so it’s to C2P that we turned next.