Volkswagen Golf cabrio is back! (2010)

Volkswagen Golf cabrio is back! (2010)

By Georg Kacher

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23 May 2008 11:39

Volkswagen is reconsidering its soft-top strategy – and will reinstate the Golf cabriolet with this autumn's sixth-generation car and turn the next Eos into a Passat cabrio, CAR Online has learned.

Buyers loved it, but VW never spent a lot of money or effort on the Golf cabriolet. The first version remained in production for 14 years without major changes, and the second-generation topless Golf (actually based on the Golf Mk3) was discontinued in 2002 and never replaced.

New VW Golf convertible: due in 2010

It was not until Martin Winterkorn took the helm in Wolfsburg that the Golf cabrio returned to the agenda. The new chairman understands the significance of this model, and he also knows that a fair bit of groundwork needs to be done to prepare the market for the launch which is planned for mid-2010.

The open-air Golf will be derived from the three-door hatch, so it'll get a stubby rear end, relatively small boot and packaging very close to the current A3 cabrio's.

And what about a folding tin-top? They're all the rage!

Yes, but the backlash against CC bodystyles has already begun. Like the Audi, the VW will almost certainly with a well insulated soft top which folds without a cover. New features will include push-button operation, a self-erecting wind deflector and a pair of Merc Airscarf-style neck warmers.

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