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Giant US truck spied winter testing by CAR reader

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Anonymous, 15 January 2015 07:07

  Spoted doing cold weather testing in Fairbanks, Alaska  

Next Audi A5 designed by a CAR reader

Rated 3 out of 53

Tim Pollard, 14 January 2015 10:07

This is an unusual submission from a CAR website user: this chap's designed his vision for the new 2016 Audi A5. Reader Skender has imagined a more Quattro-ey looking replacement for the smarter, two-door A4 coupe. 'Every year Audi surprises with new attractive designs,' Skender writes. 'Well, maybe the next A5 B2 will look like this!' What do you think? Be ...

Porsche 991 GT3 RS (2015) snapped by Instagram user

Rated 3.5 out of 53.5

James Taylor, 05 January 2015 17:51

Seemingly making a bid to become not only the most agile Porsche 911 road car yet but also the most scooped, here’s yet another set of unofficial, ahead-of-time pictures of the upcoming Porsche 911 GT3 RS. We’ve had a peek at the new 991 RS before in spyshots from the Nurburgring, in patent photos and even in scale model form, but here’s ...

CAR reader spots the coolest ever Pagani Huayra driver!

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Tim Pollard, 27 December 2014 21:36

An interesting off-beat spot in California by a CAR reader called Miguel. 'Just seen the coolest ever Pagani Huayra driver!' he enthuses. 'It happened  this morning, at Rodeo Beach, off the Golden Gate in California. A true gentleman driver, was very kind to answer all the questions passers-by were throwing at him.  'He was probably close to 80, got out of the car ...

Audi Q7 (2015) spied in the south of France by a reader

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Tim Pollard, 18 October 2014 12:59

Look what CAR reader Matt spotted on manoeuvres in the south of France: the new 2015 Audi Q7. Although he wrote in thinking it was the next-generation Q5, due in 2016, we're pretty sure this is the new Q7, its bigger brother. He saw the Audi prototype on test in Marseilles, southern France. Sadly Matt only provided his first name. ...

Mercedes GLE Coupe spied in France by reader

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Andy Matheson, 03 October 2014 17:10

Sorry for the dreadful picture quality. I saw this in Nice. Judging by the registration I think that it's a Mercedes but with the sloping back maybe an X6 rival.

Jaguar XF (2016) spotted by a CAR reader in the US

Rated 4.5 out of 54.5

Tim Pollard, 29 September 2014 12:57

It’s amazing what you spot when out and about in Yosemite, in the US. A CAR magazine reader, who preferred to remain anonymous, spied the next-generation Jaguar XF on a prototype test. Our friend was in the national park, home to great twisting roads, not much traffic and some suitably high altitudes for powertrain testing - not to mention some ...

Mystery 4X4's spotted in Bolzano Italy by reader

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Mark, 17 September 2014 16:18

On a business trip in Bolzano Italy last week, just on the Austria/Italy border we came across 3 4x4 vehicles in our hotel car park. Looked very Porsche / Audi to us and not a million miles away from the Audi Plant. Also very close to the Dolomite mountains for 4x4 testing. All the covers were chained down so no ...

CAR reader stumbles upon crushed Alfa Romeo 4Cs

Rated 4 out of 54

Tim Pollard, 01 September 2014 17:00

This is enough to make your eyes water: CAR magazine reader David Whitton spotted this clutch of Alfa Romeo 4C sports cars at a breakers yard on his Continental summer holiday road trip. We think these are prototype 4Cs bound for the crusher. Although seemingly sacrilegious, this is the fate due to most manufacturers’ pre-production prototypes, which can never be ...

Mercedes' baby shooting brake (2014) spied by CAR reader

Rated 3 out of 53

Tim Pollard, 02 June 2014 16:24

CAR reader Nick Burgess spied this Mercedes on his travels around Milton Keynes - not far from the company's UK headquarters. Nick was driving on the A421 to the west of Milton Keynes when he spotted this silver shooting brake on weekend manoeuvres. It looks to us like Daimler's new baby shooting brake - the fifth and final member of the ...

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