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Jaguar XFR-S (2012) first teaser shot

Published: 20 November 2012

Jaguar has released an official teaser photo of its new XFR-S, which is set to be the most powerful saloon car ever to wear the leaping cat badge.

As we can see from the new photo, the XFR-S model will get an even more aggressive bodykit than the standard XFR, as well as carbonfibre elements up front.

What specification will the 2013 Jaguar XFR-S boast?

The R-S saloon will share its powertrain with its coupe cousin, the XKR-S. Although Jaguar has today released only this photo and no concrete details, CAR understands that power from the supercharged 5.0-litre V8 is boosted from 503bhp to 542bhp, bringing the XFR-S more into line with its rivals from BMW, Mercedes and Porsche, all of which churn out between 542 and 552bhp from their bi-turbo V8s.

Torque will also leap from 461lb ft to 501lb ft. We're talking about a four-door saloon with XJ220 levels of poke, remember.

That should be enough to undercut the XFR's 4.9sec 0-62mph dash by around half a second, while top speed should increase from a limited 155mph to around 186mph.

And will the visual upgrades be just as outrageous?

From CAR's previous spy shots, we can see the XFR-S will get aerodynamic revisions similar to the XKR-S to keep it in check at high speed.

The front bumper and side skirts are deeper, and there's a meaty rear diffuser that could've been nicked from a Ferrari 599 GTO. Atop the bootlid sits a box-section rear wing in place of the XFR's subtle lip spoiler.

At last, a British supersaloon! When can I buy one?

Jaguar has timed this teaser image to get us salivating for the XFR-S ahead of the Los Angeles motor show later in November 2012. After the car's LA show debut, it'll reach these shores in early 2013.

There's no confirmation of prices yet, but brace yourself for a big increase over the £65,350 XFR. An XKR-S commands an £18,500 premium over a normal XKR: a similar leap for the XFR-S would push the price tag up to £83k. Interestingly, that's within a few pounds of Ben Barry's long-term BMW M5.

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