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BMW 530d xDrive long-term review: wedding wheels

Published: 31 October 2017

► BMW's 530d xDrive on CAR's fleet
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► CAR's test diary with the latest 5-series

Month 4 living with a 2017 BMW 5-series: wedding wheels

I managed to pry the 5-series' fat key out of Ben Miller's hand this month for a whole week. The time was spent doing everything from wafting up the A1 to visit my mum in Newcastle to showing off the tech wizardry to my friends, but the week peaked when it was dolled up with ribbon and bows and used as a wedding car for my big sister and her new husband. It was an honour to chaufffeur the happy couple, and proof that the Big Five can do almost everything you need a car to do with ease.

By Jake Groves

Logbook: BMW 530d M Sport

Engine 2993cc 6cyl turbodiesel, 261bhp @ 4000rpm, 457lb ft @ 2000rpm 
8-speed dual-clutch auto, all-wheel drive  
5.4sec 0-62mph, 155mph, 138g/km CO2  
As tested 
Miles this month 
Total miles 
Our mpg 
Official mpg 
Fuel this month 
Extra costs 

BMW 5-series CAR magazine long-termer

Month 3 living with a BMW 530d xDrive: have we found perfection?

Not long after the 530d arrived, my Caterham racing life presented me with a decision: book a hotel near Aintree, venue for one of our sprints, or do the event in one day – up there from Peterborough in time for signing-on at 7.30am, home 13 hours later if I was lucky. That's 160 miles, and three hours 20 minutes each way. Nothing grabbed me during the briefest of hotel searches so I set the alarm for 4am and packed my gear into the 5-series' vast boot.

Next morning and, 20 minutes in, I was having a blast. 
Figuratively speaking, whole sections of my brain may have still been back home on the pillow, but fortunately the 530d has a brain of its own, plus so much innate ability you don't need to bring a whole lot of yours to the table.

The first section of my route comprised flowing B- and A-roads west from the A1 to Derby and thence the A50 on to the M6. With two big towns to contend with and plenty of traffic, this journey's a nose-to-tail 50mph (if you're lucky) convoy at peak times. The rest of the day it's navigable at speed by motorcycle or, if you get a good run, by quick-ish car. At 4.30am it's one of the greatest roads I've ever driven: quick, deserted, largely rural and with enough corners to keep you interested. The 530d was mighty, its powertrain effortlessly bringing the speed while xDrive and the big Pirellis' sheer grip surgically removed all risk from roads still damp from overnight rain.

BMW 530d xDrive and Caterham Academy

From Derby, the drive was dual carriageway and then 
M6 motorway north: considerably less fun but good for highlighting the BMW's rolling refinement: its regal ride quality with the dampers set to Comfort and the way in which you're almost completely isolated from the kinetic fury of 80mph cruising – I imagine an unpowered pod in space has harsher NVH.

The adaptive cruise control and nav systems work brilliantly, with the former taking the car right down to a standstill if needed and the latter displaying key turns on the HUD, so there really is no excuse for missing your exit. So it's a shame that the hands-free lane-keeping just isn't adept enough to be your natural choice: when it's engaged, the car gently ping-pongs down the lane like a drunk in an alleyway.

On balance, though, the BMW is one hell of an any-roads tool. That day it was just a towbar (handily Caterham transported my race car) and perhaps another 50bhp (so greedy) shy of perfection.

By Ben Miller

Logbook: BMW 530d xDrive M Sport

Engine 2993cc 6cyl turbodiesel, 261bhp @ 4000rpm, 457lb ft @ 2000rpm 
Gearbox 8-speed dual-clutch auto, all-wheel drive  
Stats 5.4sec 0-62mph, 155mph, 138g/km CO2  
Price £49,335
As tested £66,150
Miles this month 1805
Total miles 4191
Our mpg 38.5
Official mpg 53.3
Fuel this month £269.62
Extra costs £0

Month 2 living with a BMW 530d xDrive: sporting intentions

Unless waters are breaking in the back and you’re 25 miles from hospital, Sport is a committed setting in the 5-series.

The throttle response is crisp but the dampers set semi-solid and the shift map treats the turbodiesel like a 50cc two-stroke. So now the customisable Sport Individual setting is my Comfort: Sport throttle, Comfort everything else.

And because it’s a Sport setting, engine stop/start is disarmed. I’m also left with full-blooded Sport up my sleeve should we really need to haul.

By Ben Miller

Logbook: BMW 530d xDrive M Sport

Engine 2993cc 6cyl turbodiesel, 261bhp @ 4000rpm, 457lb ft @ 2000rpm 
Gearbox 8-speed dual-clutch auto, all-wheel drive  
Stats 5.4sec 0-62mph, 155mph, 138g/km CO2  
Price £49,335
As tested £66,150
Miles this month 996
Total miles 2386
Our mpg 36.8
Official mpg 53.3
Fuel this month £146.04
Extra costs £0

BMW 5-series CAR magazine long-termer

Month 1 with a BMW 530d xDrive: hello, what on earth are you?

CAR’s Georg Kacher is one of the most fearless automotive writers in the game, one rarely found on fences.

Back in the January issue he pulled together one of the most important two-car tests of the year; Mercedes-Benz’s handsome, tech-laden E-class and the then brand new 5-series in 530d xDrive guise: 261bhp, 457lb ft, 0-62mph in 5.4sec, 53.3mpg, six cylinders, all-wheel drive and almost all of the 7-series’ toys, including gesture control, semi-autonomous capability and a key the size of a house brick.

Very late spoiler alert: the BMW won – ‘The Mercedes comes second in vehicle dynamics and high technology. The BMW wins on merit, and because it has learned to beat its arch-rival at its own game.’

The car Georg drove in Germany was an SE but this being the performance-obsessed UK, we’ve naturally gone for an M Sport example. Time was, that meant surrendering anything resembling a pliant ride for vice-like body control, nice wheels and a few clicks more visual impact. Our car’s adaptive dampers promise control without the gritted-teeth payoff.

Right now, the 5-series saloon range kicks off with the 520d and tops off with the 540i, with the 530d and 530i the interim engines. Lovely though the 540i (and four-cylinder 530i) are, the 5-series and a three-litre turbodiesel straight-six are a timeless combination.

BMW 5-series long-term 530d xDrive interior

Choose the same engine with M Sport trim and the base spend is a shade under £50k. (The 520d starts at just under £40k). Our car adds £16k of options, so we’ll be able to test almost everything a brave option junkie can add to BMW’s 2017 take on the big sports saloon.

At the top of the list is the £2145 M Sport Plus package, which adds 19in M double-spoke 664M wheels (our 20-inch BMW Individual V-spoke 759s are £1200), tinted windows and Harman Kardon audio. Also making easy cases for themselves are the VDC variable dampers (£985), the Technology package (£1495) with the Display key (set the climate control and check the state of the locks and windows remotely), head-up display, gesture control (adjust volume by theatrically twirling a finger in mid-air), wireless phone charging and wi fi), the Visibility package (£1295) with adaptive LED headlights and high-beam assistant and three no-cost M Sport no-brainers: body styling, steering wheel and the high-gloss Shadowline exterior trim. 

Much of the rest of the spend is non-essential but intriguing stuff. When do you really need rear and side window blinds worth £410? Or soft-close doors at £435? While a powered bootlid, massage seats and a choice of two ambient air fragrances sound like nice ideas, wouldn’t you rather have £2170 in your back pocket? We shall see. 

And now here it is, looking every inch the stealthy any-roads weapon in Sophisto grey metallic, black leather and not a flash of chrome. We know it’s good – Georg already said so, and BMW hasn’t fluffed a 5-series in some time. But what, and who, is it for? Why build a car with massage seats and Comfort suspension capable of out-wafting an E-Class only to stick it on wafer-thin Pirellis wrapped around 20-inch wheels?

BMW 5-series long-term 530d xDrive connected drive camera

Why would a family car buyer eschew an SUV (£66,150 buys an extremely well-equipped Discovery, Q7 or X5) but take the weight, price and CO2 hit of four-wheel drive in your low-riding, non-off-road saloon? And while the new 5-series has driver assists including adaptive cruise and lane departure with active steering, is any of it good enough to trust day-in, day-out?

We’ve an indulgent six months to get the measure of this most indulgent of 5-series, and if we haven’t managed it by autumn then there really is no hope for us – Georg fell for the Five in just two days. 

By Ben Miller

Logbook: BMW 530d xDrive M Sport

Engine 2993cc 6cyl turbodiesel, 261bhp @ 4000rpm, 457lb ft @ 2000rpm 
Gearbox 8-speed dual-clutch auto, all-wheel drive  
Stats 5.4sec 0-62mph, 155mph, 138g/km CO2  
Price £49,335
As tested £66,150
Miles this month 1390
Total miles 1390
Our mpg 35.0
Official mpg 53.3
Fuel this month £266.85
Extra costs £0

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By Ben Miller

The editor of CAR magazine, story-teller, average wheel count of three