Alfa Romeo Milano (2010) factory spy photos

Published: 06 July 2009

Spy pictures posted on Facebook today let slip Alfa Romeo’s upcoming Milano, Turin's replacement for the 147, in its most complete form yet.

Is the new Alfa Milano what we were expecting?

Not exactly. Last month’s heavily disguised mule pictures suggested the Milano would sport the round tail lights, elliptical headlights and skinny grille of the MiTo, itself a mini-me of the 8C Competizione. However these new photos show less ambitious styling which references the 159’s rear end, has teardrop headlights and a wide grille that is more angular than plunging.

The mule’s chrome rear door handles have been shed in favour of Alfa’s trademark hidden handles incorporated into the trailing corner of the door, to give the illusion of coupe lines.

And inside the Milano?

The Milano appears more daring on the inside, with exposed paintwork dominating the dashboard and new, sleeker switchgear than the 147.

The Milano will go on sale in 2010, and is the first Fiat Group car to use the versatile C-Evo platform, This new architecture will underpin both C- and D-segment models across the world, including the Chrysler Sebring and the 159’s successor, to be called the Giulia.
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