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BMW M2 CS for 2017: could this be BMW’s best driver’s car?

Published: 09 February 2017

► BMW squeezes M4 engine into M2
► Regular M2 to get a facelift in 2017

► M2 CS expected to launch in 2018

Snapped during cold-weather testing in north Sweden, this is thought to be the BMW M2 CS – an even wilder, more driver-focused version of the already likeably lairy M2.

Much of the disguise it’s wearing is there to hide an upcoming 2017 facelift for the M2, including a fresh front bumper and grille, curvier headlight treatment, and mildly altered tail-lights and diffuser elements.

BMW M2 CS spyshot

How do we know this is really the BMW M2 CS specifically, and not any other M2 mule?

The exhaust arrangement is one clue, closely resembling that of the current M3 and M4. The cooler for the dual-clutch transmission has moved, too. Ordinarily it can be glimpsed through the front grille ‘kidneys’, not so in this case – but plumbing visible through the lower parts of the front spoiler indicates the M3/M4’s ‘S55’ engine.

A turbocharged straight-six, it develops upwards of 420bhp in the M3, but in the M2 CS it’s expected to get ‘only’ around 400 metric horsepower.  

Meanwhile the regular M2 will keep its existing engine – a different, moderately less potent, turbocharged straight-six.

BMW M2 CS spyshot

Expect revised suspension components, potentially including the adaptive dampers from the M3/M4, and potentially a moderate bodykit for the M2 CS too – we’ll bring you more news of its exact specifications soon.

Watch out for the facelifted BMW M2 before the end of 2017, with the BMW M2 CS expected to launch in 2018. 

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By James Taylor

CAR's online editor, fast-lapper, Radical champ