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The A4 chases BMW's 3-series and Merc's C-class for the compact exec crown. It's available as a four-door saloon and a five-door Avant, as well as a wellies-and-raincoat Allroad. For more information on the Audi A4, click on our further stories on the links below.

60sec road test
We've never been big fans of the A4 range, but have to admit - reluctantly - that it has improved with age. Some cars are constantly fettled by their makers through middle age and that's the case here. Traditionally, Audi's compact exec is a stodgy handling, unresponsive pup, but we've sampled a few late-edition models which have made us reappraise that view. It now rides reasonably well (just don't go bananas with the wheel choices and beware the S-Line trim with its unrelenting sports suspension) and even the handling and steering responses seem sharper than we remember them. But let's be realistic; a 3-series or C-class will run rings around this model. What a great dollop of honing hasn't been able to fix is the antiquated infotainment system, which betrays the car's age. The whole interior feels a step or two behind the latest Audi cabins, looking cheaper and older than the cockpits of even the more humble A1 or A3, never mind the space-age Merc rival. This will be addressed with 2015's new A4 model, however. The Avant is a classy, roomier option that the saloon while the A4 Allroad is a typical soft-roader estate with extra body cladding, a raised ride height and other SUV accoutrements if that's your thing.

The one we'd buy
2.0 TDI 177ps Quattro Avant

The one we'd avoid like the plague
1.8 TFSI 120ps

Rivals to consider
BMW 3-series, Jaguar XE, Lexus IS, Mercedes C-class

Has been honed over its lifetime into something more competitive; much improved

Can't ultimately get close to BMW's and Mercedes' best efforts; about to be replaced

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