Alan Taylor-Jones

As CAR magazine’s New Cars Editor since 2021, Alan ensures the latest if not necessarily the greatest cars grace both online and paper pages. That means putting writers on car launches and getting fresh metal into the office to ensure everyone on the team is well informed.

After dallying around in a variety of retail and customer service jobs, Alan pulled his finger out and started writing about cars professionally in 2015. After cutting his teeth at The Gay UK and various freelance gigs, he joined Autocar and What Car? later that year as a reviewer before slowly making his way up the road test desk.

Since then, he’s driven a huge variety of new cars, classic cars, vans, pick-up trucks and even campers. You’ll find his name attached to plenty of single car tests, but he’s also written countless group tests over the years, always enjoying comparing rivals back-to-back. His writing can be found online and in print, with the odd appearance on YouTube, too.

Outside of work, you’ll find him renovating an ex-pub and trying to make his wife’s Scimitar GTE (semi) reliable. He’s also a dedicated father to an infant son and magpie, with hobbies including collecting Hot Wheels (for his son, honest) and radio-controlled cars.

Follow Alan on Twitter @alantaylorjones and Instagram @alantaylorjones – and read his latest articles below.

Alan Taylor-Jones