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The BMW i8 was the first product of Munich's Project i - a drive to more sustainable, electrified cars. It arrived simultaneously with the i3 supermini, and both feature high-tech carbonfibre construction and a ground-up rethink of how mainstream cars should be built. The i8 therefore has no conventionally powered version available and comes only as a range-extender hybrid. At present, it's tin-top coupe only, although BMW has teased a roadster i8 concept version. For more information on the BMW i8, click on our further stories on the links below.

60sec road test

Prepare to be amazed by the BMW i8. It's not like any other Beemer we've ever driven - and you'll know that from the moment you first clap eyes on its low-slung, wedgy silhouette. It's manifestly made from lightweight carbonfibre, visible as soon as you open the cool, swivelling doors. It's a bit tricky to climb onboard (think Lotus difficult) but once you're inside you'll nestle in a focused, futuristic cabin, ringing to the sounds of electro beat. There's a curious lack of high-tech gizmos (you actually have to use a key, for heaven's sake!) but you'll forget the lack of some creature comforts the moment you thumb the starter button and set off. This is a PHEV, so there's a tiny 1.5-litre three-cylinder engine from a Mini mounted amidships complemented by electric motors driving the front axle; it's capable of up to 75mph on full EV power mode and the ECU juggles drive between each axle and power source. Is it a proper Porsche 911 rival? Yes, if you can stomach the new-fangled techfest motive power - there's even a pair of minuscule +2 rear seats, just like in the Lotus Evora or Ferrari Mondial.

The one we’d buy

There's - ahem - currently only one BMW i8

The one we’d avoid like the plague


Rivals to consider

Bentley Continental, Mercedes-AMG GTPorsche 911, Tesla Model S


High-tech powertrain, clever-clogs EV mode, carbonfibre build, style, feel like you're driving the future today


Pricey, is it for early adopters only?

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