Aston Martin Zagato Centennials (2013) first official pictures

Published: 22 July 2013

Aston Martin’s long-time coach-building collaborator Zagato has pulled the wraps off a pair of special edition Astons to celebrate the Newport Pagnell brand’s 100th birthday. Christened the DBS Coupe Zagato Centennial and DB9 Spyder Zagato Centennial, the specially-commissioned cars combine typically striking Zagato styling cues with Aston mechanicals.

Aston Martin DBS Zagato Centennial: the headlines

The coupe car’s most eye-catching feature is the typically Zagato double-bubble roof profile, accentuated by a polished metal strip that swoops from the car’s beltline across the rear window. The voluptuous curves are continued into the window pane and bespoke bootlid.

Also new (and sure to be controversial) is the gaping front grille with integrated headlights, a somewhat Ferrari California-aping front splitter, and unique rear styling treatment with new light clusters, a more aggressive rear diffuser, and trapezoidal tailpipes. The DBS Zagato rides on regular Aston DBS 20in alloys, enclosing a set of carbon-ceramic brakes.

The cabin is also carried over from the DBS, which went out of production in 2011 to be replaced by the 565bhp Vanquish. It’s expected the Zagato Centennial retains standard DBS running gear, which means there’s a 510bhp, 5.9-litre V12 up front driving the rear wheels.

And the DB9 Spyder Zagato Centennial?

The open-top version wears the same styling treatment, but loses the curvaceous roof for a folding soft-top arrangement. The Spyder also retains Aston’s familiar side strake and vent, unlike the DBS Centennial. Riding on the same design of 20in alloy wheel as CAR’s Aston DB9 long-termer, the Spyder also uses a regular DB9 Volante cabin, and a 510bhp V12 powertrain with a six-speed paddleshift transmission.

Who commissioned the Aston Zagato Centennial cars?

The DBS Zagato is destined for an anonymous Japanese enthusiast, while the DB9 Spyder will travel Stateside to enter the garage of US car collector Peter Read. Unlike the DB7 Zagato from 2002, of which 100 were produced and 99 made available for purchase, no limited production run of Zagato Centennial Editions is planned.

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