Batmobile - Batman

Published: 20 October 2008

Ranking: 16       

Year of release: 1989 and 1992.

The car: The Batmobile. What else?

Why it’s special: The best Batmobile ever - this no camp-Sixties car, or over-compensating codpiece from the Kilmer-Clooney era.

Best bit: Blowing up the Axis Chemical plant by remote control, scaring Kim Basinger by driving straight at the wall that hides the Bat Cave, rotating through 180 degrees on the spot and blowing off its bodywork to fit through small gaps. The list goes on…

Pub fact: The cars were spliced together from various GM parts, though apparently all the gadgets worked, as did the jet engine.

Plot overview: Millionaire Bruce Wayne by day, avenging Batman by night, the caped crusader encounters a grinning face from his past when a madman known as the Joker threatens Gotham city.

Batman Returns – 1992: After seeing off The Joker, the Caped Crusader comes up against two deadly criminals who plot to take over Gotham City. The demented, ravenous Penguin and power hungry villain Max Shreck.

For: Enough gadgets to shame Q.

Against: It gets destroyed, as does the Batplane.

CAR verdict: A great 'car' that lets us forget Adam's West original Batmobile.

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By Ben Pulman

CAR's editor-at-large, co-ordinator, tallboy