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Dodge Monaco – Blues Brothers

Published: 20 October 2008

Ranking: 25       

Year of release: 1980

The car:  Surely one of the definitive Yankee cop cars of all time.

Why it’s special: Sums up everything we love about American police vehicles: this thing rolls (check out the lean during press-on cornering), roars (that 440cu in lump sounds great) and just looks downright incongruous with the tirelessly cool Jake and Elwood mooching around.

Best bit: When the Blues Brothers finally arrive at the Richard J Daley Center – the Dodge literally falls apart.

Pub fact: The producers bought 60 knackered police cars for $400 each for the numerous chase scenes. The Blues Brothers held the world record for the greatest number of cars destroyed in one film – until the sequel broke its own record.

Plot overview: Joliet Jake Blues (Belushi) is released from Joliet Penitentiary, and he and brother Elwood (Aykroyd) attempt to raise money to save their alma mater orphanage by re-forming their old band. Still sounds great, and looks as good as ever through Ray-Bans.

For: Way better than the Ford Crown Victoria in the remake.

Against: We’re not sure we’d pick the Bluesmobile as our perfect getaway car

CAR verdict: Worth watching just for the record-breaking levels of crash carnage

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By Ged Maxwell

Contributor, steady of helm, firm of view