Alfa Romeo Giulietta scrubs up for 2016

Published: 05 April 2016

► Modest facelift for Alfa Giulietta
► Priced from £18,450, on sale now
► Extra kit, new transmission choices

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta has been revised for 2016 – with a subtly upgraded wardrobe, a smattering of extra equipment and some discreet technical changes.

The facelift is designed to perk up the Golf rival from Italy and give the Giulietta a fighting chance against fresher rivals in the mainstream such as the new Vauxhall Astra, as well as more premium fodder such as the Mercedes A-class and BMW 1-series.

What’s new on the Giulietta for 2016?

Styling changes are modest, to put it politely. Look out for the new honeycomb grille at the front end, piano black bumper inserts and reprofiled headlamps. It’s minutiae-spotting stuff, frankly – right down to the rewritten Alfa and Giulietta badging.

The cabin is given a mid-life fillip with some new upholstery, a fresh dashboard finish and an upgraded Uconnect infotainment system – which features extra app connectivity, including Deezer and TuneIn for music, as well as syncing powers for Facebook, Twitter and Reuters.

For the first time you can combine the 118bhp 1.6-litre turbodiesel with the Alfa TCT twin-clutch transmission. The Italians quote 99g/km of CO2, 74.3mpg, a top speed of 121mph and 0-62mph in 10.2sec.

Full UK pricing for 2016 Alfa Romeo Giulietta

In Britain, Alfa has rejigged the trim levels and you can now walk through the following variants: Giulietta, Giulietta Super, Giulietta Tecnica, Giulietta Speciale and Giulietta Veloce. Pricing is as follows:

  • Giulietta 1.4 Turbo Petrol 120hp £18,450
  • Giulietta 1.4 Turbo Petrol MultiAir 150hp £19,780
  • Giulietta 1.6 JTDM-2 120hp £19,650 
  • Giulietta 1.6 JTDM-2 120hp Alfa TCT £21,050
  • Giulietta 2.0 JTDM-2 150hp £20,830
  • Super 1.4 Turbo Petrol MultiAir 150hp £21,030 
  • Super 1.4 Turbo Petrol MultiAir 170hp Alfa TCT £23,190
  • Super 1.6 JTDM-2 120hp £20,900 
  • Super 1.6 JTDM-2 120hp Alfa TCT £22,300 
  • Super 2.0 JTDM-2 150hp £22,080
  • Super 2.0 JTDM-2 175hp Alfa TCT £24,240
  • Speciale 1.4 Turbo Petrol MultiAir 150hp £24,250
  • Speciale 1.4 Turbo Petrol MultiAir 170hp Alfa TCT £25,995
  • Speciale 2.0 JTDM-2 150hp £25,450
  • Speciale 2.0 JTDM-2 175hp Alfa TCT £27,395
  • Veloce 1750 TBi 240hp Alfa TCT £28,480  
  • Tecnica* 1.6 JTDM-2 120hp £19,250
  • Tecnica* 1.6 JTDM-2 120hp Alfa TCT £20,650
  • Tecnica* 2.0 JTDM-2 150hp £20,430 
  • Tecnica* 2.0 JTDM-2 175hp Alfa TCT £22,590

*Fleet customers only

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Alfa Romeo Giulietta: rear-view

By Tim Pollard

Editorial director of CAR's digital publishing arm. Motoring news magnet