Aston Martin Project AM310 (2012) first pictures

Published: 02 June 2012

This is Aston Martin's Project AM310. It's been created to preview the marque's upcoming successor to its sporting DBS flagship - now revealed by CAR as the 2012 Vanquish Mk2.

Click here to read CAR's new scoop of the Vanquish - we've got the first picture of the V12 sporting a Vanquish badge. 

Tell me more about the Aston Martin AM310...

Although there are similarities to the company's middle-of-the-range Virage coupe in the profile and headlights, the AM310 is styled far more aggressively, in an attempt to ape Aston Martin's exotic £1.2 million One-77 supercar.

The frontal apron is dominated by an aggressive carbonfibre splitter, and the familiar slated Aston grille.

However, the shapely flanks and enlarged side repeater vent recall the One-77's sculpted form, while the rear has curvaceous lights akin to the 730bhp limited edition.

There's also an integrated spoiler rather than the bootlid lip we've seen on the DBS previously. We now know this is in fact destined for the production 2012 Aston Martin Vanquish.

Can we expect to see the AM310 in production form?

It all points to something more dynamic and sporting than a traditional DB9 or Rapide, and it all looks suspisciously showroom ready...

Given that CAR has already scooped the DBS-replacement being driven on the roads in light disguise, we'd bet the AM310 could be more than just a show car for Villa d'Este.

We'll see in the next few days whether or not Aston calls our bluff...