Aston Martin Vantage Art Car by Tobias Rehberger at Le Mans 2015

Published: 09 June 2015

 Unique Aston Martin Art Car
► Due at Le Mans 2015
► Created by artist Tobias Rehberger

It's not just BMW who produces 'art cars' for Le Mans, you know; Aston Martin Racing has unveiled this colourful Vantage GTE for 2015's 24-hour race this weekend.

Abstract artist Tobias Rehberger has wrapped the Gulf #97 Vantage GTE with a bright palette of geometric shapes, designed to reflect the whizz-by blur effect of race cars at speed in long-distance endurance racing.

It's the car that'll be driven by longstanding Aston works driver Darren Turner, a veteran of the French endurance race. The car's owner commissioned Rehberger to design the livery, as he's a fan of the artist's previous work.

Tobias Rehberger on his Aston Art Car

'My design for the Aston Martin art car is rooted in my interest in distorted perception and related phenomena like auto moving patterns, optical effects, camouflage and visual confusion, which I have addressed in many works before,' the German said.

'In this case, the design is based on a geometric optical effect pattern. Comparable to a fast object, a steady fixation on a point of the pattern is impossible.'

The Aston Martin Art Car was unveiled at a scrutineering event in the build-up to the Le Mans 24 Hours, which starts on Saturday 13 June at 3.00pm French time.

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By Tim Pollard

Editorial director of CAR's digital publishing arm. Motoring news magnet