Audi sports car concept hints at new TT (2014)

Published: 06 December 2013

This Detroit motor show-bound Audi concept hints at the design language of the next Audi TT, as well as forthcoming crossover models. Due in mid-2014, the TT is a style icon for the brand, and its third-generation should adopt the show car's sharply styled front end.

While the concept – plainly named ‘The new Audi Show Car’ – rides on ridiculously large alloys and has ‘trademark all-road ground clearance’, it doesn't preview a forthcoming model crease for crease. Instead, it shows off ‘a host of visual elements from future models’, says Audi.  

So what future Audis can we see here?

The most significant area of this design is the nose – which is essentially what you’ll see on the new Audi TT when it arrives next year. We’ve spotted the TT in testing, with its straight-edged LED-furnished headlamps and Le Mans-inspired rear lights, which thankfully sees the stylish coupe’s svelte silhouette largely intact. That leaves the details to do the job if keeping it look up-to-the-minute.

While there are no pictures of the TT’s grille treatment, Audi’s design boss, Wolfgang Egger, has explained that Audi will use its single-frame grille as the basis to form each model’s identity, with more three-dimensional elements as shown on the Crosslane Coupe concept from 2012. For the TT, it will have a honeycomb grille with bolder, horizontal elements. Of course, the aggression on this car’s lower front-bumper won’t be seen on entry-level TTs, but may be just the ticket for the 380bhp TT RS model. 

What about the TT?

The third-generation TT will be built on the VW Group’s (you guessed it) MQB platform, which will deliver weight savings, increased stiffness and maintain the short overhangs of the current and previous models. There’ll also be a spike in power, as well as improvement in efficiency. Read the full scoop and see spy shots of the next Audi TT here.

The Detroit motor show, where the Concept will be first shown, runs from January 13-16, 2014.