Audi R8 LMS GT2: 631bhp track car revealed at Goodwood

Published: 08 July 2019

► New 631bhp GT2 racer
► Weighs just 1350kg dry
► Most extreme-looking R8 yet?

The Goodwood Festival of Speed seems to be the place to reveal new track cars, with Ford, Porsche and Audi all revealing new racers. The latter has just released a new GT2 version of the existing R8.

What is it?

Are you sitting comfortably? Because this does get a little bit confusing. The new R8 GT2 may look like the one already racing in the GT3 class, but it’s a little different. The GT2 class will sit between the GT4 and GT3 classes, and will act as a new tier for handy amateur drivers to hone their craft. Really, it should’ve been called the GT3.5 class – but it’s not.

R8 LMS GT2 rear quarter

But despite sitting at a lower tier, the GT2 R8 actually has more power: its 5.2-litre V10 puts out 640bhp – around 150bhp more than the GT3 car. Take a closer look at the GT2, and you’ll partly see why: a ram-air roof intake and new management systems are the key reasons behind the power jump.

So it’s faster than the GT3 car?

No. What the GT2 R8 gains in power, it loses in overall downforce – and it’s this crucial detail that make it slower than its GT3 counterpart. It turns out it’s much easier to manage power than it is to consistently cope with a car that’s on rails.

How much?

Open up the GT2 R8, and you’ll find a FIA-spec roll cage – this isn’t a road car by any means – but it you want to race, Audi will sell you one for 338,000 Euros (around £300,000).

What’s more, with the current R8 quite possibly featuring the last V10 we’ll see from Ingolstadt, there’s a chance we’ll see something like a road-going version of this car, too. 

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By Curtis Moldrich

CAR's online editor and racing-sim enthusiast