BMW 316d (2009) first official pictures

Published: 25 June 2009

BMW has announced its cleanest and most efficient 3-series ever – the 316d ES saloon. According to BMW, the 316d emits under 120g/km CO2, and sips fuel at a rate of 62.8mpg, giving it a theoretical range of over 800 miles on a single tank.

BMW 316d: the all-important figures

It might say 316d on the boot badge, but the engine under the bonnet is actually a 2.0-litre diesel. The 1995cc four-pot is the same engine you'll find in the 318d and 320d, but here it's detuned from the 318d's 143bhp and 221lb ft to 114bhp and 192lb ft. But less power and torque means better fuel figures: the 316d only puffs out 118g/km and returns 62.8mpg, compared to the 318d's 123g/km and 60.1mpg. The low CO2 emissions mean the 316d also costs just £35 a year to tax, and has a 13% benefit-in-kind rating.

The performance figures take a knock though, with the 316d only managing 10.9 seconds to 62mph, and 125mph flat out, versus 9.3sec and 130mph for the 318d. Then again, you'll pay £23,330 for the 316d, £905 less than the 318d.

BMW's 316d versus its rivals

Matched up against Audi and Mercedes' cleanest A4 and C-class the 316d comes out on top when you look at the fuel figures. The 2.0 TDI A4 can only manage 57.6mpg and puffs out 129g/km CO2, while the C200 CDI can only do 49.6mpg as it belches out 149g/km CO2. The Merc is also £700 more than the BMW, though at £22,740 the Audi is usefully cheaper.

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