New BMW iX3 electric SUV: Munich teases new wheel design

Published: 05 February 2020

► Production version of Concept iX3
► Based on the X3 SUV
► 266bhp and 249mi range

BMW, keen to keep hype up about its all-electric iX3 SUV, has teased images of the car's new wheel design. The 'Aerodynamic Wheels' design will make its debut alongside the new EV, and will feature on the i4 and iNext, too.

Munich says the new style reduces drag by around five per cent, and supposedly reduces the car's power consumption by two per cent. 

Before the car makes its official reveal later in 2020, spy snappers have seen the iX3 out on the road. The grille at least looks to be carried directly over from the BMW iX3 concept, while the rear of the car looks pretty much identical to the show car, too.

Interestingly, the iX3 pictured also displays ‘Electric Test vehicle’ signs – something we’ve already seen on a new BMW 3-series testing mule. Combine that with what we already know about the iX3, and it’s possible there’ll be an electric-only BMW 3-series.

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BMW's all-electric Concept iX3 SUV was revealed at the 2018 Beijing motor show and is a signal of BMW’s further intentions to expand the BMW i range of vehicles.

The new iX3 is a fully-electric version of the X3 crossover, and looks pretty much production-ready. The iX3, confirmed for production in 2020, is just one element of the brand’s i Division attack plan: the target is 12 pure EVs by 2025, and 13 plug-in hybrids. 

Learn more about BMW’s future plans for the i Division here

It still looks like an X3…

But with some key differences. The trad BMW kidney grille has been modified to the extent that the two kidneys are actually merged together – something that will become a staple of the i range and was first properly seen on the i Vision Dynamics concept that was on show at the 2017 Frankfurt motor show. Plus, to maximise aerodynamics, most of the regular X3’s creases have been smoothed out, alloys too.

BMW Concept iX3

At the rear, there are no exhausts (it is electric, remember) and features LED rear lights and a neat, smooth spoiler.

Tell me about the BMW iX3 powertrain

Proper details are scarce, but BMW says the iX3 uses a fifth-generation electric motor that provides 266bhp of electric oomph and is mated to a battery that ‘has a net capacity of over 70 kWh.’

Range is a claimed 249 miles, according to BMW, and that's judged on the new WLTP test cycle.

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