BMW M4 Concept (2013) first official pictures

Published: 16 August 2013

This is the new BMW M4 – don’t believe the ‘Concept’ tag. BMW’s M concepts always look identical when they reach production, and this new 424bhp coupe will be no exception.

The M Division 4-series employs forced induction, signalling the death of the outgoing E92 M3’s sonorous 4.0-litre V8. Don’t worry though: the new car is faster, more efficient, and should be even better to drive. Read on to find out why.

What’s under the bonnet of the all-new BMW M4?

As CAR revealed last year, the M4 uses a 3.0-litre, twin-turbocharged straight-six. It only develops 10bhp more than the old V8, at 424bhp, but it’s way up on the important real-world commodity of torque. The total of 369lb ft helps rocket the M4 to 62mph in less than 4.5sec, while the standard top speed will be limited to 155mph.

What do you mean ‘standard top speed’?

Because there’s a hotter version already waiting in the wings. Find out more about the uprated M4 in the September issue of CAR magazine, on sale 21 August.

It certainly looks more butch than the underwhelming 4-series…

Just about the only exterior parts shared with a cooking 4-series are the light clusters. There’s a new front bumper with gaping air intakes and a racey splitter, while the kidney grilles are bespoke and wear a flagship ‘M4’ badge. A cue carried over from the E92 M3 is the ‘power dome’ bonnet, while the roof panel, as per all M3s since the E46 CSL, is lightweight carbonfibre.

This show car rides on 20in wheels – 19s will be standard-fit, as with the M5 super-saloon. At the rear we find modern M-trademark quad tailpipes, a diffuser bumper, and raised bootlid spoiler. One of the 4-series’ most controversial features – the piggy little ‘Air Breather’ vents on the front wing, have morphed into properly sized gills for the M4 too. We reckon it looks the business – leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Tell me about the hidden highlights…

Old-school car fans rejoice: you can have a six-speed manual gearbox. The stick-shift, like the M4’s optional seven-speed dual-clutch paddleshifter, is carried over from the old M3. Also reappearing are adaptive dampers, and an electrically controlled M-Division limited-slip differential.

One new feature you can’t see is a serious diet. It’s not just the roof that’s carbonfibre this time: the new M4 also uses the grey weave for the diffuser, and thanks to the already lithe 4-series donor platform, weighs 1480kg. That’s a massive 100kg less than a 444bhp Audi RS4 Avant – and the less powerful outgoing M3. Shaping up to be quite a car, the M4…

Though the cabin is hidden from view in this ‘concept’ M4, you can expect a head-up display, bespoke dials, sports seats and M badging dotted around to match the tri-colour stitching.

I want one!

Then you’ll need an extra £3000 or so over what you’d have paid for the slower, thirstier E92 M3: the BMW M4 will cost from £58,000. A folding hard-top cabrio version will be revealed in 2014, along with the return of the hallowed M3 badge on the bootlid of a four-door saloon version.

Don't forget, for the complete spec of the new M4, plus all the tech highlights, check out the next issue of CAR magazine, on sale Wednesday 21 August.

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By Georg Kacher

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