De Macross GT1 (2011) first official pictures

Published: 27 August 2010

These are the first pictures and details of a new supercar from fledgling Canadian company De Macross Motors Corp (DMMC), which was set up in 2009. It’s called the GT1, and CAR has been given the lowdown on this new supercar.

The car you see here is a 25% scale model of the De Macross GT1, which is being developed in conjunction with component manufacturer Multimatic. Much of the funding for the project comes from Korean businessman Jahong Hur, whose wide-ranging business interests mean he has pockets sufficiently deep to develop the GT1 seriously.

The usual GM V8 then?

Far from it. The De Macross GT1 uses a mid-mounted supercharged 5.4-litre V8 sourced from American company Roush Yates Racing Engines, which also makes powerplants for Ford’s Nascar vehicles.

Performance figures aren’t forthcoming yet, but with a chassis made from carbonfibre and aluminium, don’t expect it to lose out at the lights too often. De Macross claims the GT1 will be ‘comparable to other supercars in this elite category such as the Pagani Zonda’ in performance and price.

The suspension uses know-how garnered from Multimatic’s F1 dampers; the inboard Multimatic Dynamic Suspension Spooling Valve is claimed to have ‘a novel active ride height control system.’

When does the De Macross GT1 go on sale?

The first full-scale GT1 is due to be completed in November 2010, with testing to follow. First orders will be taken ‘sometime in 2011’ and DMMC reckons on selling around 200 cars maximum.

An interesting Canadian/Korean contender to add to the usual American and European supercar fodder. And get this: they are planning a family of three other models in addition to the De Macross GT1 – they want to spawn a range of cheaper sports cars aimed at Aston Martin, Maserati and Porsche.

A pipe dream or a credible alternative to the established supercar hierarchy? We tend to take large pinches of salt when we see new supercar wannabes from unproven sources, yet the automotive supplier connection and the large investment from Korea makes us view the DMMC enterprise differently. Here’s hoping it proves successful.