Farbio GTS (2007): first official pictures

Published: 20 September 2007

Looks good. How much?

Not impatient, are you? This is the Farbio GTS, another British attempt at a sports car and it’s yours from £59,925. It’s already in production, though ‘near Bath’ doesn’t have the same ring to it as Maranello. Nevertheless Farbio doesn’t appear worried, declaring the GTS the ‘definitive British sports car’.

With a price to match the 911, and being 911-sized is it…

…taking on the 911? Of course. It even shares its name with a Porsche, albeit the Cayenne GTS. At 4215mm long, 1940mm wide and 1170mm high, it’s shorter, wider and lower than Porsche’s iconic car. However, the GTS is only a two-seater as this car is mid-engined.

So if it’s taking on the 911 what powers it?

Er, a Ford V6. Not that glamorous is it? (Although the Ford V6 has powered numerous low-budget sports cars in the past). Your basic naturally aspirated £59,925 car only has 262bhp. A standard Carrera will set you back £61,620 and for that much cash you get 321bhp. However, cough up £71,675 and Farbio will bolt a Rotrex supercharger to the Ford engine to give 384bhp. That bests the Powerkitted 911 Carrera S by 8bhp. Things are looking up then, and even more so when you consider that that Porsche is £76,991.

So apart from the power, why should I get one?

The weight, or lack of it. The supercharged car weighs just 1066kg, and the standard car is even less. That’s down to a full carbonfibre body so the forced-induction car will apparently run to 60mph in 3.9 seconds. Factor in fully adjustable suspension and touch-screen sat-nav and the Farbio even starts to look good value. Now if only they could guarantee Porsche build quality…

What else should I know?

You also get exclusivity with the GTS. In 2006 Porsche churned out 37,415 911s. Farbio probably won’t approach triple figures. Brakes are by AP with 350mm discs at the front, 328mm at the rear. The boot will take 220 litres of whatever you choose. Leather is £1950, but don’t go near the £900 19-inch split-rim alloys. They ruin the whole look of the car.

You do mean Farboud though, don’t you?

No, we mean Farbio. Arash Farboud designed the GTS a few years back with Audi power but that car never came to fruition. He’s moved on to making a supercar while Chris Marsh (of Marcos fame) has taken on the GTS project. The project was renamed Farbio, which of course avoids any confusion with Farboud or a small Skoda supermini...

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By Ben Pulman

CAR's editor-at-large, co-ordinator, tallboy