Fisker EMotion electric supercar: new pictures reveal stunning butterfly doors

Published: 08 January 2018

► Features i8-style butterfly doors
► 9-minute ultra-fast charging, apparently
► $129,900 (£95,000) base price

Last week, Fisker unveiled the EMotion, a brand new EV with spectacular design and some optimistic specs to go with it. The pictures we got at the time revealed the EMotion to be a svelte-looking, electric GT car, with more than a small hint of Aston Martin styling – but new pictures show the Fisker’s design to be even more extreme than we thought.

Pictures posted on Henrik Fisker’s twitter account show not one, but two sets of butterfly doors – just like those on a BMW i8. And while the front ones open in the way you’d expect, the rear doors open backwards, so they’re basically butterfly-hinged suicide doors.

While Fisker might argue that all-round butterfly doors will allow for better entry and exit from the EMotion, it’s fair to say they’re also there for added drama.

We’ll find out more about the Fisker EMotion at this week’s CES show, but below you’ll find everything we already know about the new electric GT car.

Fisker EMotion: everything else you need to know

Fisker might be known for its outrageous hybrid supercars, but now it’s about to release an equally powerful electric car. Called the Fisker Emotion (thankfully not e-motion), the new car has some seriously impressive specs, and will be unveiled officially at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas next week.

Pictures of the Fisker Emotion reveal a stunning-looking GT-style car, with a somewhat unconventional grille, and swooping lines. At the rear, the Emotion finishes with a svelte-looking rear end, dare we say with a sprinkling of Aston Martin (founder Henrik Fisker’s former employer).

What’s the range?

Fisker says the Emotion will be able to squeeze 400 miles from its electric-only powertrain, and when it does run out of juice, charging it should be incredibly fast. According to Fisker’s website, the Emotion will only need nine minutes of charging for 125 miles of driving – though it’s unclear what standard of charging it would use.

As you’d expect from a new car in 2018, the Emotion also comes with LIDAR sensors, and Fisker says it ‘supports full autonomy’ with the key word being ‘supports.’ It’s likely that in the next few months at least, the Emotion will be limited to semi-autonomous features such as self-parking, lane-keeping and adaptive cruise control in line with market trends.

The Emotion also has access to the US-only Hybrid Shop dealership network (a joint venture between Fisker and a third party garage network), so it should be slightly easier to find a place to get it serviced.

What about the performance and price?

Unusually for a Fisker, there’s no information on the top speed or the performance of the Emotion. Instead, we know that it’ll probably come to the UK in 2020, and it’s going to cost $129,900 in the US.

We’ll update this article when we know more about the Fisker Emotion.

By Curtis Moldrich

CAR's online editor and racing-sim enthusiast